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Our full 2018 review of all the Spanish regions property prices

16 Apr

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The top 20 Spanish real estate markets

Here is a summary of all our resources that we have created on the 20 biggest Spanish cities in order to help you be more efficient in your search for your ideal property in Spain.

First, we will show you the official price evolution from the Ministerio de Fomento since 2005 and up to December 2017 for the main regions, then you’ll find at the end of the paper all the resources we have per region.

Let’s first start with the national average: 1559 EUR/m² (vs 1512 one year ago.)


Here is the real estate price evolution for all the 18 Spanish regions since 2005 (€/m²):

As you can see on this chart, Spanish real estate prices (thick orange line) got its lowest price point in early 2014 since the crisis of 2008. Since early 2014, real estate prices are rising and reached 1559€/m² as of December 2017.  If you look at prices in general, yes we can talk again about growth but if you compare those to the levels of 2008 or to European real estate prices, you can still find bargains. Furthermore, real estate prices remain lower than the prices of early 2005 at 1680€ per square meter.


What are the most expensive real estate markets in Spain the 1st of January 2018?

  1. The Basque Country: 2387 EUR/m²
  2. The Madrid Community: 2355 EUR/m²
  3. The Balearic Islands: 2205 EUR/m²
  4. Catalonia: 1893 EUR/m²
  5. Ceuta and Melilla: 1614 EUR/m²
  6. National Spanish Average: 1559 EUR/m²


The 3 winning regions since 2014

The market in Spain is divided into two groups since 2014: the regions with rising prices: Barcelona, Madrid and the Balearic Islands and all the other regions where the prices have stabilized or are increasing modestly.


Is it easy to buy in Spain?

It is really easy to buy a property in Spain but:

  • because you are not on the ground,
  • because you don’t know the market and
  • because you need to check your property in order to avoid any nasty surprise, we advise you not to do it alone.

We are foreigners and Spanish residents who bought properties in Spain and we developed a network of reliable partners in order to assist foreigners in their purchases of a Spanish property.

Don’t forget, if you are buying in Spain as a foreigner, you could have two different motives:

  • Pleasure
  • Investment

or the two combined. Depending on what is (are) your own motivation (s) your criteria will be different.


Price reality check from 1995 up to 1st January 2018


Real estate prices in Alicante: €1.253 /m², +1.6% vs last year



Real estate prices in Almeria: €1.089 /m², -1.6%  vs last year


Prices in Almeria remain on average 25% lower than the national average and close the lowest reached since the crisis of 2008.


Real estate prices in Barcelona: €2.208 /m², +6.4% vs last year


Real estate prices in Cadiz: €1.292 /m², +2.8% vs last year


Real estate prices in Castellon: €1.041 /m², -0.7% vs last year


Real estate prices in Girona: €1.524 /m², +2.1% vs last year



Real estate prices in Ibiza: €2.205 /m², +6.5% vs last year



Real estate prices in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: €1.428 /m², +3.9% vs last year


Real estate prices in Madrid: €2.355 /m², +6.9% vs last year


Real estate prices in Málaga: €1.650 /m², +3.9% vs last year


Real estate prices in Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands): €2.205 /m², +6.5% vs last year

 Real Estate prices in Mallorca are 40% higher than the national average and rebounded by 15% since 2008.


Real estate prices in Murcia: €990 /m², +2% vs last year


Real estate prices in Santa Cruz Tenerife (Canary Islands): €1.428 /m², +3.9% vs last year


Real estate prices in Sevilla: €1.262 /m², +4.4% vs last year


Real estate prices in Valencia: €1.093 /m², -0.2% vs last year

Have a look at the feedback of our real estate citytrip to Valencia, April 2018.


Real estate prices in Valladolid: €1.198 /m², +2% vs last year


Real estate prices in Zaragoza: €1.261 /m², -0.4% vs last year

Source: Ministerio de Fomento



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