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Real Estate

23 Sep

Update on the Spanish Real estate market: Prices Up, Transactions up, Foreigners active, Financing conditions… Which regions are the most sought after?

Automatic translation from Google translate: During the second quarter, house prices in Spain went up 0.16% and 4.4% year-on-year.   The College of Registrars, the office of notary in Spain, has released the last statistics of the Spanish real estate market up to June 2017 in its quarterly report: The

15 Sep

Our top 10 advices for buying your property in Spain

Translate this page:   Our best tips for buying your property in Spain   What are your motivations for purchasing? Is it a second home? Is it an investment? – Our tip: Pleasure or Yield? Not the same choices 😉 What is the location you are looking for? Proximity from an airport? Centre of the City?

14 Jul

23% more Spanish property transactions in May 2017

Translate this page: A yearly growth rate of 23% for Spanish property transactions The”Instituto Nacional de Estadistica” just released the last number of transactions for the month of May 2017: 44 782 properties were sold. Compared to May 2016, it is an annual increase of 23%. This is by far

26 Jun

What is the real cost of owning your Spanish property?

Translate this page:   What is the real cost of owning your Spanish property as a non-resident? Congratulation for your purchase, now let’s check the annual costs of owning your property. You’ll have those divided into five different groups: Taxes, Insurance, Utilities (Electricity, Water, Gaz, Television, Internet, Telephone), the charges of