Real estate Yearly prices changes – Spanish Autonomous Regions,

Source: Ministerio de Fomento

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1. Understand the Spanish property market

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  1. A property for your holidays?
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  3. Make a good investment?

If you know in which city you want to buy your second home and if you know your budget: What are your financial means? Do you need a mortgage?

So yes, NOW, you know what you want and why you want it! Your search can start!


Two ways to start:

  1. On your own:  and with our Spanish real estate agents table, our Spanish real estate web portals page and our Spanish properties for sale by banks page you will find many ideas to start!
  2. You are not on the ground, you don’t know the market so you are looking for experts to assist you:

That’s a very clever idea, take one of our property hunters to help you find your property:

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Find your “Property hunter before buying your property in Spain“, someone speaking your language and Spanish for any region in Spain.


3. Get the legal experts on your side:


Have you found your property?

Before signing anything, ask one of our legal or fiscal experts in Spain, on the ground, to assist you in your language:

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Do you want to learn more about those very interesting topics? We created more than 20 very useful “How to buy your property in Spain” Infographics to increase your knowledge before buying a property in Spain!

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