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European real estate prices up 4.1% in 2016!

13 Apr
Real estate price evolution in Europe, last 5 years, Eurostat Dec2016

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Real estate prices went up on average by 4.1% for the 19 European countries.

Eurostat just released the numbers up to end December 2016.

Prices went up by 4.1% on average in Europe in 2016 and during the last quarter of 2016, the growth was 0.8%.

You can find this table of European real estate prices always updated on our site.



  1. Malta
  2. Luxembourg
  3. Portugal
  4. Ireland
  5. Romania
  6. Austria

with all having price increases of more than 7% !!!


As you can see on the table, the Spanish residential price increase is just a little bit above the European average with a growth of 4.4% vs 4.1%. Real estate prices are low compared to historical standards and started to rise again since end 2014. Check this chart of National averages.


Find all the European real estate price rankings on different periods: quarterly basis… to 10 year period here.

Here is the 10-year ranking of the main European countries:

European House Prices Index, Ranking, last 10 year, Dec16



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