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Sareb brings 2.700 coastal properties on the market. Prices Starting €27,500!!!

21 Apr

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Sareb puts homes in coastal areas on the market, with asking prices starting from €27,500

The third edition of the “tucasaatodacosta” campaign includes properties owned by Sareb and properties that secure loans owned by the company

The campaign gets underway with 2,700 homes located across 20 coastal provinces.

The Management Company for Assets Arising from the Banking Sector Reorganisation (Sareb) has launched the new edition of its “Your home by the sea” campaign, putting second homes on the market that are located across 20 Spanish coastal provinces.

Sareb received almost 200,000 assets, which were valued at 50 billion euros in two phases. The main tranche was transferred on 31 December 2012 from the four nationalised banks: Bankia, Catalunya Banc, Banco de Valencia and NCG-Banco Gallego. The second transfer was contributed by the four banks that received State funding: Liderbank, BMN, Caja3 and Banco CEISS. Out of all of the assets, 80% are loans and 20% are properties.

The campaign gets underway with 2,700 properties of varying types, including both new-build and existing homes. All the properties feature both homes that are owned by Sareb and others that are linked to loans owned by the company.


Which regions of Spain?

Coastal areas are currently one of the most active markets, and this has been clearly reflected by the positive results achieved by previous editions of Sareb’s “Your home by the sea” campaign.

Valencia (840) and Andalusia (540) account for over half of the properties included in the campaign, with the remaining homes located in Murcia (380), Catalonia (376), Galicia (273), Cantabria (94), the Balearic Islands (93), Asturias (67) and the Canary Islands (45).


The most affordable home is for sale at €27,500 and is located in Cabana de Bergantiños (A Coruña) and features one bedroom and a bathroom. The price also includes a parking space and a storage unit.


Do you want more? 

Usually, you can get interesting mortgage conditions on those and from time to time even a mortgage up to 100% vs the standard practice of 70%.


The campaign will remain in place until 30 June and Sareb will gradually add new homes into the campaign, reaching up to 3,000 homes. All the properties can be viewed at, which lists each property’s specifications and location, as well as contact details for anyone wishing to obtain more information.


The sale of these properties will be carried out via Altamira, Haya Real Estate, Servihabitat and Solvia, the four servicers working with Sareb to provide support in the areas of sales marketing and asset management.

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Breakdown of homes per province 

Link to official news release

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