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01 Apr
Best app for summaries of bestsellers books
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Let’s take a break from discussing the Spanish real estate market and focus on something we all love – personal growth and learning. I’ve stumbled upon this fantastic app that’s perfect for those of us who want to keep growing and learning, and I just couldn’t keep it to myself!


For a limited time, this app is offering a lifetime deal at just $59.99 – giving you unlimited access to a world of books and learning resources. It’s like having a personal library of knowledge right at your fingertips.


As someone who’s always hungry for learning and growth, I’m thrilled to share this treasure trove of book summaries with you. With both written and audio summaries, you can easily take notes, highlight important parts, and even access your highlights and notes later in a snap!


Embrace the power of self-learning and self-development with this all-inclusive platform. Grab this exclusive, limited-time offer for lifetime access at a price you won’t believe! I just grabbed three accesses, one for me, and two for my children.


Keep an eye out for my upcoming personal blog (one day?), where I’ll be sharing even more tips on personal development and entrepreneurship :-).


A huge shout-out to my amazing 14 years old son who helped me put together this summary during his vacation.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – dive into this incredible deal today while it is open!

Discover a smarter way to power through your reading list


with StoryShots, your ultimate learning companion.

Experience the convenience and versatility of accessing handpicked content and original summaries of bestselling nonfiction books in just one app. 

Each book is available with both a written and an audio summary.

With StoryShots, you have the flexibility to learn on your terms. Choose from reading, watching, or listening to book summaries in as little as 15 minutes, whether you’re at the gym, commuting, or simply taking a break between meetings.

Personalize your learning experience with features like in-app highlighting, note-taking, customizable fonts for ebooks and playback speeds for audiobooks. Keep track of your progress with a personal bookshelf that organizes your favourite, finished, or ongoing reads.

But StoryShots goes beyond reading and listening. Dive into a wealth of multimedia content, including helpful infographics, mind maps, animations, and curated author interviews, to learn more efficiently and cater to your unique learning style.

Unlock a vast library of thousands of book summaries, cliff notes, and audiobooks with just one app. For those seeking more in-depth insights, you can also access full versions of select titles, including long-form audio and video content, as well as content in multiple languages like Spanish, German, Japanese, and Italian.

Transform the way you learn and make the world’s bestselling nonfiction books accessible for everyone with StoryShots. Embrace the future of learning today.

Highlights & take notes


Unlock limitless learning with StoryShots Premium!

Dive into ad-free, offline book summaries with exclusive features like highlighting to enhance your reading experience. StoryShots, an alternative to Blinkist and Scribd, offers a unique and engaging way to absorb bestsellers quickly.

Imagine mastering countless top books and expanding your knowledge efficiently. With our monthly, annual, or one-time premium subscription, you’ll have unlimited access to high-quality summaries and insights to boost your learning journey.

Upgrade to StoryShots Premium now and unleash your reading potential. Visit the Premium screen within the app to subscribe and start your transformation today!


Why do I love it?

  • A quicker way to get new knowledge
  • Huge library of books for all sorts of interests
  • I was always looking for a solution for summarizing my business, startups and self-development books
  • I love their multiple formats: so nice to listen in the tube going to the office or while driving.


Storyshots categories



Subscriptions’ plans

There is a free tier in the app that gives access to the content and is monetized through ads. You can get the premium version to remove ads. With the free version, you have access to a limited number of books each month.


The lifetime access premium version holds a very big value for money compared to alternatives that require a monthly subscription. When getting the lifetime plan you have the comfort to listen to one book in a month or 10 – you will still have access to all the content without that monthly credit card transaction.

StoryShots is constantly refilling the app and the podcast with new summaries & analyses of the best nonfiction books available in the market.


Premium plan $19.99 per year

Here are  the premium features

  • No advertising
  • Unlimited reading on and offline.
  • Read on Mobile/Desktop
  • Beautiful downloadable PDF’s
  • Easy highlighting + notes solutions
  • Send to Kindle / Kobo
  • Full Ebooks, Audiobooks & Long-Form Content
  • 30+ Categories
  • Favourite Books
  • of Celebrities
  • Video Captions
  • Multimedia Content in 18 Languages



Premium Lifetime deal available (for now) at $59.99

Don’t wait, it won’t last long.

  • $59.99 give you ONE lifetime access to the premium version
  • TWO lifetime accesses to the premium version for $99.99 (one for you, one to give to anyone)

Both Premium plans have a 60-day moneyback guarantee.


Pros & Cons of Storyshots


  1. Highly appreciated by its users.
  2. Offers a free version with many features.
  3. Provides thousands of book summaries in text, audio, and animated formats.
  4. Featured as one of the best educational apps worldwide.
  5. Cheap lifetime versions deal available now for a short period


  1. $19.99$ membership per year, but yes, still not very expensive for an infinite number of books.
  2. For the time being, the biggest library is in English.
  3. Disappointing free version for some users.
  4. Advertising could be annoying in the free version
  5. Summaries are limited to 1,200 words, potentially leaving out important book ideas.
  6. Library could be expanded even more, … but is expanding weekly.


Alternatives to Storyshots

  1. Blinkist (free alternative).
  2. Four Minute Books.
  3. Scribd


StoryShots is the world’s only microlearning app with thousands of free book summaries in text, audio and animated formats. It’s featured worldwide as one of the best educational apps. 

The positive feedback from users and experts, you can present StoryShots as a superior choice compared to its alternatives.



Here are five examples of books we loved and we could find back in the Storyshot library


Thinking,  fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Thinking fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Thinking fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

  1. “Thinking, Fast and Slow” explores the two systems of human thinking: System 1, which is fast, automatic, and emotional, and System 2, which is slow, deliberate, and logical.
  2. The book demonstrates how cognitive biases and heuristics can lead to errors in judgment, decision-making, and prediction.
  3. Kahneman highlights the importance of understanding these biases to reduce the impact they have on our lives and to make better decisions.
  4. The book explains concepts such as loss aversion, prospect theory, and anchoring, which shape human behaviour in a variety of contexts.
  5. Ultimately, the book encourages readers to be more mindful of their thought processes and to question their own intuitions and judgments to improve decision-making.






The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

The Lean Startup By Eric Ries

The Lean Startup By Eric Ries

  1. The Lean Startup is a methodology that focuses on building, measuring, and learning quickly to validate business ideas and minimize risk.
  2. Emphasizing a minimum viable product (MVP), the method prioritizes rapid development and iteration to test assumptions and gather feedback.
  3. The build-measure-learn feedback loop emphasizes continuous improvement and data-driven decision-making for more efficient product development.
  4. The Lean Startup encourages embracing failure as an opportunity for learning and pivoting to improve or change course.
  5. By applying these principles, startups can efficiently allocate resources, validate product-market fit, and achieve sustainable growth.








Think Again By Adam Grant

Think Again By Adam Grant

Think Again By Adam Grant


  1. “Think Again” challenges readers to reevaluate their beliefs and assumptions by embracing intellectual humility and fostering a growth mindset.
  2. The book encourages adopting a “scientist mindset,” which involves questioning, testing, and revising beliefs based on evidence and new information.
  3. To encourage rethinking, Grant highlights the importance of engaging in constructive disagreement, seeking diverse perspectives, and valuing feedback.
  4. By illustrating how to detach one’s identity from held opinions, “Think Again” promotes open-mindedness and adaptability in a rapidly changing world.
  5. Through compelling stories and practical advice, the book emphasizes the power of lifelong learning and the importance of being open to change in both personal and professional contexts.







Principles By Ray Dalio

Principles By Ray Dalio

Principles By Ray Dalio

  1. “Principles” by Ray Dalio is a guide to life and work, offering insights into his philosophy of radical truth and radical transparency for personal and professional success.
  2. The book is divided into three sections: personal life principles, work principles, and a detailed account of how Bridgewater Associates was built on these principles.
  3. Life principles focus on embracing reality, using thoughtful disagreement, and fostering a meritocracy of ideas to make better decisions and achieve personal goals.
  4. Work principles emphasize creating a culture of idea meritocracy, implementing radical transparency, and using systematic decision-making processes to foster organizational success.
  5. The book encourages readers to develop their own principles and adapt them over time, using a constant learning process to enhance personal and professional growth.




How To Win Friends & Influence People By Dale Carnegie

How To Win Friends & Influence People By Dale Carnegie

How To Win Friends & Influence People By Dale Carnegie

  1. “How to Win Friends and Influence People” is a timeless self-help book that offers practical advice on improving interpersonal skills and building successful relationships.
  2. Carnegie emphasizes the importance of genuinely showing interest in others, using active listening, and making others feel valued and appreciated.
  3. The book advocates for the power of positivity, encouraging readers to focus on praise and appreciation rather than criticism when interacting with others.
  4. Carnegie also highlights the value of understanding others’ perspectives, adapting communication styles, and finding common ground to foster cooperation and collaboration.
  5. The timeless principles outlined in the book serve as a foundation for effective communication, leadership, and personal development, applicable to various aspects of life and work.








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