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The Spanish property market: our detailed analysis of the top 20 markets! JUNE 2018 Update

28 Sep

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Our Spanish property market quarterly analysis up to June 2018


Here is a summary of all our resources that we have created on the 20 biggest Spanish cities in order to help you be more efficient in your search for your ideal property in Spain.


1. Analysis of the performance during the June quarter 

Let’s first start with the national average: price is 1588 €/m² end of June 2018: Spanish real estate prices rose

  • by +3.8% during the last year from 1530 €/m²
  • by +1.4% during the last quarter

As you can see the real estate prices increase in Spain is accelerating. On the other side, demand is really strong: we have the highest transaction number for 10 years: 558.700 properties were sold during the last year to June 2018, a 12% year on year growth.


The price reached its lowest since the financial crisis of 2007 at 1456€/m² in the third quarter of 2014 while it reached its highest: 2101.4 €/m² in the first quarter of 2008.


What are the regions with the biggest increases and decreases?


The top performers for the June 2018 quarter are:


Melilla 3,6
Barcelona 3,2
Navarra (Autonomous Community) 3,2
Gipuzkoa 3,0
Rioja (La) 3,0
Basin 2,8
Madrid (Community) 2,8
Valladolid 2,8
Lleida 2,5
Catalonia 2,2
Saragossa 2,2


As a reminder, the top performers for the March 2018 quarter were:


Segovia 2.5
Madrid (Community of) 2.5
León 2.4
Melilla 2.4
Valencia / València 2.2
Ceuta and Melilla 2.1
Ceuta 2.0


The worst performers for the June 2018 quarter are:


Ávila -1,2
Real city -1,4
Guadalajara -1,4
Girona -1,7
Lion -1,8
Huesca -1,9
Segovia -2,7
Soria -2,9
Salamanca -3,1
Palencia -3,3
Ceuta -3,4


The worst performers for the March 2018 quarter were:


Cáceres -3.1
Albacete -3.0
Huelva -2.8
Cantabria -2.8
Asturias -2.7
Basin -2.5
Seville -2.3
Gipuzkoa -2.2
Navarre -2.1
Valladolid -2.0


Here is the Alphabetical ranking of all the regions real estate price evolution on the last quarter:

Interactive chart



The price increase on the residential market for the year are:


Madrid (Community) 9,6
Barcelona 7,9
Malaga 6,4
Catalonia 6,2
Palmas (Las) 5,4
Lleida 5,1
Balearic Islands 5,0
Teruel 4,9
Valencia / València 4,5
Saragossa 4,4
Valladolid 4,3


while the top performer up to March were:

Madrid (Community of) 8.0
Balearic Islands 7.0
Barcelona 5.3
Palmas (Las) 4.7
Catalonia 4.2
Lugo 4.2
Pomegranate 4.1
Malaga 4.0


The worst performers for the year up to June 2018 are:


Segovia -1,5
Cantabria -1,6
Basin -1,6
Huesca -1,9
Soria -2,2
Castellón / Castelló -2,4
Real city -2,7
Salamanca -2,7
Albacete -2,9
Ceuta -4,9
Palencia -5,3


Remember, those were the underperformers up to March 2018

Cantabria -4.5
Basin -4.1
Albacete -3.4


Here is the Alphabetical ranking of all the regions real estate price evolution on the last year:

Interactive chart




3. What are the most expensive real estate markets in Spain on the 30th of June 2018?


    1. Gipuzkoa real estate prices: 2.685 €/m² vs 2.607 last quarter
    2. The Madrid Community: 2.481 €/m² vs 2.413 last quarter
    3. The Basque Country: 2.381 €/m² vs 2.360 last quarter
    4. Bizkaia: 2.323 €/m² vs 2.332 last quarter
    5. Barcelona: 2.296 €/m² vs 2.226  last quarter
    6. The Balearic Islands: 2.214 €/m² vs 2.208 last quarter
    7. Catalonia: 1.949 €/m² vs 1.906 last quarter


  1. with the National Spanish Average: 1.588 €/m²In the next chart, you will find the official price evolution from the Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of development) from 2005 and up to June 2018 for the main regions, then you’ll find the price evolution region per region.



4. What are the most active property markets in Spain up to the 30th of June 2018?


Growth vs last Year # Transactions
Teruel 25,9% 1358
Huelva 24,3% 5942
Ciudad Real 24,2% 4018
Castellón 23,3% 8931
Ávila 23,0% 1960
Rioja (La) 21,2% 4145
Cádiz 20,8% 13581
Sevilla 20,3% 18013
Murcia (Región of) 20,0% 17051
Cantabria 19,9% 6926
Córdoba 19,9% 6842
Asturias (Principado de) 18,6% 9976
Castilla-La Mancha 18,5% 21826
Granada 18,2% 11290
Albacete 17,9% 3275
Lleida 17,8% 4375
Cuenca 17,7% 1867
Andalucía 17,7% 105869
Guadalajara 17,4% 3753
Toledo 17,1% 8913
Zaragoza 16,8% 10870
Aragón 16,5% 15270
Almería 16,4% 10774
Burgos 15,8% 4236
Alicante 15,4% 43549
Comunitat Valenciana 15,4% 84828
Araba/Alava 15,1% 3173


5. Real estate price evolution for all the 18 Spanish regions since 2005 (€/m²)


The 3 winning regions since 2014

The market in Spain is divided into two groups since 2014: the regions with rising prices: Barcelona, Madrid and the Balearic Islands and all the other regions where the prices have stabilized or are increasing modestly.


Is it easy to buy in Spain?

It is really easy to buy a property in Spain but:

  • because you are not on the ground,
  • because you don’t know the market and
  • because you need to check your property in order to avoid any nasty surprise, we advise you not to do it alone.

We are foreigners and Spanish residents who bought properties in Spain and we developed a network of reliable partners in order to assist foreigners in their purchases of a Spanish property.

Don’t forget, if you are buying in Spain as a foreigner, you could have two different motives:

  • Pleasure
  • Investment

or the two combined. Depending on what is (are) your own motivation (s) your criteria will be different.


Find your property in Spain

6. Region per Region price evolution from 1995 up to the 30th of June 2018

Follow our alphabetical ranking or click on any name of this list: Alicante, AlmeriaBarcelona, Cadiz, Castellón, Girona, Ibiza, LasPalmas, Málaga, Madrid, Murcia, Sevilla, Tenerife, Valencia, Valladolid, Zaragoza


Real estate prices in Alicante: €1.270 /m², +2.5% vs last year

Transactions for Alicante are strong: 43.549, +15,4%


Back to the list of cities/Regions


Real estate prices in Almeria: €1.097 /m², +0.2%  vs last year

Transactions for Almeria property market are strong: 10.774 +16,4%



Back to the list of cities/Regions


Real estate prices in Barcelona: €2.296 /m², +7.9% vs last year

Transactions  for the real estate market in Barcelona are growing slightly: 59.193 +3,2%



Back to the list of cities/Regions


Real estate prices in Cadiz: €1.291 /m², +0.6% vs last year

Transactions for Cadiz are very strong: 13.581 +20,8%



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