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March 2018 Update: The top 20 Spanish property markets, our full analysis!

28 May

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Here is our Quarterly update on the top 20 Spanish real estate markets


Here is a summary of all our resources that we have created on the 20 biggest Spanish cities in order to help you be more efficient in your search for your ideal property in Spain.


1. Analysis of the first Quarter 2018 Spanish property market

Let’s first start with the national average: price are at 1567 €/m² end of march 2018 (vs 1526 one year ago/+2.7%), that means that it is a quarterly rise of 0.5%.


The price reached its lowest since the financial crisis of 2007 at 1456€/m² in the third quarter of 2014 while it reached its highest: 2101.4 €/m² in the first quarter of 2008.


What are the region’s with the biggest increases and decreases?


The top perfomers for the Quarter are:


Segovia 2.5
Madrid (Community of) 2.5
León 2.4
Melilla 2.4
Valencia / València 2.2
Ceuta and melilla 2.1
Ceuta 2.0


The worst performers for the quarter are:


Cáceres -3.1
Albacete -3.0
Huelva -2.8
Cantabria -2.8
Asturias -2.7
Basin -2.5
Seville -2.3
Gipuzkoa -2.2
Navarre -2.1
Valladolid -2.0


Here is the Alphabetical ranking of all the regions real estate price evolution on the last quarter:

Interactive chart



The top performers for the year are:


Madrid (Community of) 8.0
Balearic Islands 7.0
Barcelona 5.3
Palmas (Las) 4.7
Catalonia 4.2
Lugo 4.2
Pomegranate 4.1
Malaga 4.0


The worst performers for the year are:


Cantabria -4.5
Basin -4.1
Albacete -3.4


Here is the Alphabetical ranking of all the regions real estate price evolution on the last year:

Interactive chart




3. What are the most expensive real estate markets in Spain the 31st of March 2018?


    1. Gipuzkoa: 2.607 €/m²
    2. The Madrid Community: 2.413 €/m²
    3. Bizkaia: 2.332 €/m²
    4. The Basque Country: 2.360 €/m²
    5. Barcelona: 2.226 €/m²
    6. The Balearic Islands: 2.208 €/m²
    7. Catalonia: 1.906 €/m²

    with the National Spanish Average: 1.567 €/m²

    In the next chart, you will find the official price evolution from the Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of development) from 2005 and up to March 2018 for the main regions, then you’ll find the price evolution region per region.



4. Real estate price evolution for all the 18 Spanish regions since 2005 (€/m²)


As you can see on this chart, Spanish real estate prices (thick orange line) got its lowest price point in early 2014 since the crisis of 2008. Since early 2014, real estate prices are rising and reached 1.567€/m² as end of March 2018.  If you look at prices in general, yes we can talk again about growth but if you compare those to the levels of 2008 or to European real estate prices, you can still find bargains. Furthermore, real estate prices remain lower than the prices of early 2005 at 1680€ per square meter.


The 3 winning regions since 2014


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