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Catalonia Real estate lawyer and Tax adviser

Maite is our Tax and legal partner in Barcelona.

Maite studied Economics and worked for Ernst & Young for 16 years. She was teaching Tax at the University of Barcelona. Right now she joined a dynamic Tax & Law office as responsible for all tax affairs. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you want to be put in touch with her directly! She is our local independent legal partner.

Allow us to introduce ourselves

The law firm was set up 52 years ago by our founder. There were not many qualified lawyers back then, so they tried their hand at all areas of law and taxes were a minor concern. As the firm and the economy developed, we started specializing in commercial and tax law, while gradually growing in size. As the years went by and new needs arose, we added new disciplines to our skills, particularly finance and international taxation, in order to be able to offer a truly comprehensive service to companies, people and business owners.

Even so, in terms of human capital, we have always sought to keep our firm to a manageable size: we believe that having a limited number of professionals allows us to operate together in a close and coordinated manner. This results in a better, more personal and tailored service for our clients.

Our attorneys speak English, French, Catalan and Spanish  are available during business hours in Europe.


Ongoing tax advice, or advice on one-off or unique transactions – Drafting specific reports
Advice on negotiations – Minimising the tax payable on options
Representation and assistance with tax inspections and checks – All stages of appeals
Tax planning – The ideal structures for a family company or investor – Restructuring operations (mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs)
Acting as executor and processing inheritances and gifts – Advice
Tax management services – Closing tax accounts – Drafting and filing tax declarations for companies and people – Electronic notifications


Taxation of non-residents: analysis of obligations in Spain – drafting and filing declarations for non-residents
Tax residence: analysis and advice
Impatriates and expatriates: advice on how to minimise their taxation in Spain – Special tax systems – Procedures
Cross-border inheritance and gifts – Advice and settlement
Advice on ideal structures for foreign investors – Implementation of them – Managing obligations (obtaining a Spanish tax identification number, registrations, subsequent maintenance)
VAT in cross-border transactions: analysing the obligations in Spain – Managing resulting obligations (VAT registration, drafting and submitting declarations)
VAT in e-commerce – Distance selling
Claiming back the VAT paid in foreign countries – Advising foreigners on claiming back VAT paid in Spain.
Hiring of staff by foreign companies – Advice and procedures (employment, Social Security, tax


Incorporating companies
Modifying Articles of Association
Shareholders’ agreements, family business arrangements
Increases or decreases in capital
Buying and selling shares
Dissolution and winding up of companies
Mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs
Drafting and filing annual accounts
General and specific commercial advice


General accountancy: Keeping official accounts and legalising books – Carrying out the economic administration of the business – Drafting financial statements – Support for audits
Consultancy services: Analysis of economic flows and cost components – Designing analytical accounting systems – Carrying out economic analysis to establish economic and financial breakeven thresholds – Analysis of the profitability of investment products and the returns from expected financial flows
Business profit forecasts – Financing structure and needs – Assistance in dealing with public and private financial institutions to raise financial resources
Drawing up feasibility plans in crisis situations – Business restructuring – Renegotiating liabilities to make the business a going concern


Analysing the source of insolvency – Determining the causes
Assistance with taking steps to restructure and resize – Drafting feasibility plans
Negotiating the restructuring of liabilities with the various types of creditors – Negotiating restructuring within the options provided in the insolvency regulations
Assessment of the accounting situation – Legal deadlines – Protection against directors’ liability
Commencing and continuing negotiations in the pre-insolvency stage
Filing insolvency applications – Procedures during the so-called “common stage”
Management during the creditors’ arrangement stage – Support during the classification stage – Negotiating arrangements – Monitoring which creditors agree – Attending creditors’ meetings
Moving on to the winding-up stage when applicable


Contracts:Buying and selling – Earnest money – Leases – Community property and owners’ associations
Family law: Divorce, separation – Maintenance – Applying for changes to court orders – Civil partnerships
Inheritance law: Wills – Deeds of recognition of heirs – Inheritance – Pension applications


Staff administration – Managing payroll and Social Security contributions – Managing employment incidents
Ongoing advice on applying employment regulations and collective-bargaining agreements
Establishing and developing contractual conditions
Representing and assisting the company in disputes and court proceedings with workers or the authorities in the administrative or labour courts
Advice on dismissal or modification of contractual conditions – Individual or collective redundancies – Crisis situations or the need for business restructuring


We help you grow your idea.

Tell us about it and we will not just analyse its feasibility and advise you but also offer the lowest quote we can in line with your needs to make it possible for you to get started.

If it works out, we will adapt our prices to market rates as you grow.

We can advise you on:

Which structure to use
The steps to take for your particular project
How to manage it
Financing options and advice
Go for it! We won’t mind investing time in you.

Languages: English, French, Catalan and Spanish.