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What do we provide?

We give you direct access to the Spanish residential market with:

  1. Our news coverage of the Spanish property market and Economy
  2. Our Trends analysis on Spanish real estate: Prices, Supply, Demand,…
  3. Our free weekly Newsletter on the Spanish Real Estate market
  4. A look at our 10+ reasons of why you should buy a property in Spain now!
  5. Buying our tailor-made Guides and profiting from our knowledge and many benefits:
    • “Property Guides”
    • “Experts Guide”
  6. Our extended resources:

Our Property Guides, our Infographics, Interesting websites, our Videos and much more

How can you enjoy the most from our advice? Where do you start?

1/ Subscribe to and read our free Weekly Newsletter!

2/ Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, G+, Pinterest, Youtube and have access to our analysis and news.

3/ Once you are serious about buying: First buy our guides to learn about the process and avoid the main pitfalls.

4/ Enjoy the free benefits from our Exclusive partnership with Spainvouchers.com and study the Spanish market on the spot!

5/ Benefit from the advice of our independent experts at a negotiated price to help you once you have taken a decision.


What is our mission?

We want to be “The must-know source before buying in Spain”

What are our values?

Network of experts, Reliable, Exhaustive and Real Value

What is our edge?

We did ourselves buy Real Estate in Spain and so we understand why it’s important:

1/ not to be alone

2/ decrease the uncertainties linked to this process

Why do we provide all this information for free?

First, we want to help our readers during this difficult journey so that they can learn at no cost and prevent any big negative surprise from happening. Before buying, you should take a few months to a year to analyse the market.

What do we sell?

Once you have learned about the market and you are serious about buying, we have developed tailor-made Guides:

1/ to help you understand all the steps of this process,

2/ to find experts that will assist you in your mother tongue before buying.

The experts are sorted by language, by region, # people in the team and by service they provide. They will be on your side when you will purchase a property.

Do we offer properties for sale? Are we a real estate agent?

No. We help you to understand the market and the process of buying a property. We help you to find a qualified expert speaking your mother tongue in the Spanish region where you want to buy.

Please click here to find the Spanish Real Estate web portals and all the Spanish real estate agents sorted per region.

Do we charge fees once a property is bought?

No. The only thing we sell are our property guides. We help you to find the independent experts that will be on your side when you buy. We negotiate preferred rates with those experts (you will recoup at least 100% of the price paid for the guides) and we keep only the bests.

Why is it the best deal on the market?

Property Guides and Expert Guide

What is our Added Value?

We help you to make an informed decision, to have a quicker and easier process and to find help thanks to our network of independent experts that will assist you in all the different steps of this journey. You are not alone anymore, we did it ourselves.

An aerial view of a city at night providing legal advice for property buying in Spain.