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How to set up a Bed & Breakfast…and manage it?

24 Mar
Set up your bed and breakfast in Spain and experience the vibrant life of a B&B manager surrounded by a colorful row of buildings adorned with balconies and flower pots.
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How to set up a Bed & Breakfast…and manage it?


“Of course, one day, I change my life and I will run a B&B in the sun!”.
You have certainly heard that phrase in your life. Perhaps you expressed this feeling yourself. Is it a utopia? Certainly not because nothing is impossible but everything can be organized.

Dreaming is essential in this kind of project because it is an ideal of life that is sought after. It is by definition intangible and irrational.
The purchase of a property and its daily B&B operational activity nevertheless requires a whole series of objective and rational data.


Balearic Islands image of Lutz Hirschmann

We want to contribute to the success of your B&B in Spain

We invite you to discover this world thanks to our external partner, Patrick. We want to contribute to the success of your project by sharing tips and informative data.

Patrick has created a detailed series of articles related to his extensive experience in the B&B business in Spain. It is a chronological guide starting with the set up of your B&B project and advising you step by step in order to better manage this professional transition: How to create selection criteria? Where to locate? Administrative work? Marketing?…

The topics are divided into a series of 8 themes and will be published on a regular basis. At the end, you will have all the keys to open the door of your dreams.

We wish you a pleasant reading.


Need assistance for your B&B? Ask for more information to Patrick. Our B&B Specialist in Spain


Introduction: How to set up a Bed & Breakfast…and manage it?

Theme 1: Is the life of a B&B Manager for you?

Theme 2: How to select the perfect bed and breakfast in Spain?

Theme 3: The Spanish B&B market

Theme 4: The Top Spanish regions for setting up your B&B

Theme 5: The financial plan for your B&B in Spain




B&B adviser, Partner of HowtobuyinSpain

Patrick created and managed his own B&B in Spain for 8 years. He knows the ins and the outs of that business.

About Patrick and his team, our B&B adviser

Patrick has a degree in Applied Economics and a master in International Politics. With a financial background, he lived for 8 years in Spain, setting up from scratch and managing a charming B&B. The B&B is still running today.

Patrick advises you for all the major decisions related to the business life of a B&B: B&B Business setting up, B&B estate selection criteria, administrative & legal procedures, Communication strategy and Day to day business.

His expertise covers all the Spanish coastal regions.

Languages: Dutch, French, English, Spanish & Catalan


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