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Holiday rentals management in Spain

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We found the perfect solution for your

Holiday rentals management in Spain.

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We know it, managing a property from abroad could be an issue:
  • Checking-in your guests,
  • Checking-out your guests,
  • Assessing the state of the premises at the end of the rental contract,
  • Cleaning services,
  • Laundry services,
  • Furniture upgrade,
  • Technical issues…

All those could be a pain to manage and even more if you are based abroad. That’s why, after many requests from our customers, we could finally find a reliable partner covering all the Spanish territory. As of now, you can sit back and relax, our partner is in charge and will optimise your property return according to prevailing market conditions at any time.



Our partner offers different services, in this article, we will have a closer look at the service: “full management of tourist rentals”. As you will see, you have many “standards” services related to your property and related to welcoming your guests… but some “value-added” services are as well part of the offer as managing your property price on internet platforms.

          1. Which Spanish Cities are covered by our partner?

            Our partner is managing holiday rentals in all the biggest Spanish cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Bilbao, Mallorca, Valencia, Murcia, San Sebastián, Málaga, Marbella, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Alicante,… Don’t hesitate to ask them directly if your city is not in this list.

            We decided to partner with them due to their extended network and due to their expertise.


          2. Full management of holiday rentals

            What are the services included?

            Of course they deliver all the “standard” services you would expect from any property management company in Spain:

            Delivery of keys

            Our partner offers the possibility of handing over the keys to the guests to welcome them, explain the apartment and give some tips about the city. Of course, they work as well with the last state-of-the-art technological solutions to manage property access while at the same time keep track of any movement in your house.

            Cleaning and laundry

            our partner is responsible for cleaning and laundry of the apartment. It is a deep cleaning, so that the apartment is perfect for the next guest. At the end they check that everything is in perfect condition and we report if there is any damage on the part of the guests. This service is organised in a very professional way with checklists and pictures are taken at the end of the service.

            Communications with guests

            we take care of communicating with your guests at all times and in several languages. We give immediate response to each message that comes to us offering an active and committed management.


            We take care of managing any incident that may take place in the property, such as a molten light bulb or any other event that may happen, and it is needed as a solution as It may affect the present or future guest stay. For cases with amounts less than 150€, we act with autonomy informing you in real time about the process and carry out actions. For cases which value is superior than 150€, we ask for your approval.


            But, they deliver as well other value-added services:

            Property price optimisation to increase your return

            Our partner has a specialized team that daily updates the rental price so as not to be too cheap on the day of an event when everything is full, or too expensive when the demand is not so high. This service will optimize the rental of your property.

            Optimization of the property profile on different internet platforms

            Our partner will make sure that the ad is published in different languages, we pass the photos of the ad by our image department and we retouch them to make them more attractive. In addition, we review the descriptions and use keywords to improve visibility.

            Guest Experience

            Our partner has a department of “Guest Experience” or “User Experience” which is responsible for offering all kinds of services to guests, from a small local guide or booking in a restaurant, to transfer to the airport, excursions or any other activity, of course without additional cost of management to the guest.


            And everything is made possible thanks to a

            State-of-the-art technology platform on mobile

            • We provide you an app where you can control in real time everything we carry out on your apartment.
            • Our partner performs all these procedures through what we have called transparent management. With the management of our partner you will continue to have full access to your property and your rental ads, being able to block any date you may need the property.
            • In addition, you will receive in real time all bookings, communications, cleaning and evaluations that take place.
            • All messages are sent to the owner and to us by the rental platform so that you are always informed.


            How much does this property management service cost?

            • The amount of our service is 18% (VAT included).
            • The cleaning fees are paid by the guests.
            • The service is paid once the customer left your property: you will only pay for the services when you receive a reservation on your property and after that the last service contracted has been completed. In addition, there is no registration fee or stay contract. In summary, you can start advertising your property at no cost, and cancel the ad and our management services whenever you want.


            You will receive the full amount of the reservation directly on your account. The service is paid after the service was carried out at your property/with your guests.


            Any guarantees on the service?

            We also have a quality commitment program whereby in the case of obtaining a review below 4-stars, the corresponding amount of the service will be refunded.

            The main difference with others would be:

            Our fee is 18% real, with VAT within the 18%. Others would add VAT to the their stake.
            Commitment to quality. Return of the amount of the service in case of obtaining a score less than 4 stars.


            Is it tax deductible?
            The invoices of our partner are tax deductible.


            So yes, you found your solution for your holiday rentals in Barcelona, in Madrid, in alicante,… Everywhere in Spain.
            We are proud to say that 99pc of our customers received an answer within 24 hours in 2020.


        1. Free trial: our partner offers to HTBIS readers, the first reservation fee up to 100€ on your first booking.

          So don’t wait to try the state of the art service of our partner: get in touch with our Spanish property management partner by filling this quick form.

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