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If you don’t find a property finder in your city, just ask us directly we are constantly adding new partners and we will search in our network.


    1. How your property finder will help you for your property search?


      Of  course, you can decide to search on your own and think that you will save money. Actually, as you don’t know the local markets, you won’t know if the properties’ prices are correct, you won’t know if the neighbourhood are safe,… you will miss a lot of issues. Last but not least, most of the time you are living in a foreign country and can’t visit easily a property, so a first screening to optimise your visits is very helpful as well.

      So, at first, you could think that a property hunter in Spain would be a cost, but many of our customers made a lot of money thanks to their services: by not buying a crap property, by not buying a property at the wrong location and as well thanks to the price negociation of our partner with the seller.


    2. The 6 reasons why a personal real estate shopper in Spain is a MUST for your property search:

      1. He knows the market

        He knows: the market and the prevailing prices and the last deals traded, the neighborhoods, the reliable partners and which properties are coming to the market before they are visible by others.

      2. He will save money for you

        Once you found your property, your personal real estate shopper knows if the price is correct or not, he will negotiate the best deal for you. This will save you a lot of money, and for many deals, you will recoup your personal shopper fee by itself!

      3. He will save your time

        Your personal shopper will search the market for you. He has is own contact in the industry and is doing this 7/7, 10hours per day. He is on the ground and can make many visits in one day…  Surfing on the Internet in search of your ideal property, arranging meetings and visiting them will take a long time.  It´s complicated. So, that’s really obvious!

      4. He will protect your interests

        What are the properties that buyers are searching for today? Which one suits your project the most? Which are the best neighborhoods in the city? Where to start searching? Who to trust? When you don´t know the answers to these questions, property buying can turn into a very stressful process. The property hunter is not working for the seller as the real estate agents are. His goal is to protect your interests: the interests of the buyer.

      5. He speaks Spanish and your language

        Language could be a barrier which brings additional challenges. The search is mainly in Spanish, as most local real estate agents are only speaking Spanish. And of course, all the legal paperwork in Spain is Spanish. So, it will help the process a lot to have a local intermediary speaking Spanish and at the same time speaking your language or at least English.

      6. He will find solutions after your purchase

        Once you bought the property, the real work starts: Opening utility meters, get in contact with the property owners, pay taxes,…Any renovation works? I guess you will need some local partners, no? Buying for investment, I guess you will need a property manager,…

    3. How does a property finder work? 

      It is a 6 steps process:

      1. Interview with the customer

        Most of the property hunter will organize a meeting or a call in order to understand what the customer is ideally looking for:

        Criteria about the location

        • Where do you want to buy? Define region / city / Don’t know
        • What kind of environment do you like?
        • City? Beach? Countryside?
        • Proximity to airport
        • Proximity to a big city centre
        • Proximity to the beach (usually a must for foreigners)
        • Proximity to golf courses,…

        Criteria about the property

        • New build or resale? If it is a new build, you are looking for, check the new build properties listed on our website, otherwise, get the best deals with our local property hunters.
        • Space inside, Outside Space: Garden / Terrace?, Swimming pool
        • Number of rooms, Kitchen size, Sleeping rooms size
        • Garage, Lift, Security: fence and/or entrance gate, alarm systems, …Energy efficiency: Solar panels,…Property maintenance costs, Personal feeling,…
        • Budget?
        • The property hunter will clarify if he thinks that he can find the ideal property within budget or not and will explain how the Spanish residential market is in general and how the local market is in particular.
        • The property hunter will help the customer to define the ideal location according to his criteria’s: specific requests, budget, but as well depending on the motivations of the buyer.

        Two main motivations for buying a property in Spain:

        In general, foreigners could have two main motivations for buying a property in Spain:

        • Holidays
        • Investment

        And of course, some are looking to buy for both at the same time!

        Buying a property in Spain has its own costs. Owning a property as well! So, it’s important to know where you are going from the start!

      2. Contract

        Once the customer knows all about the personal shopper and he is confident that he is the good partner, the real estate personal shopper will send his contract to the customer with the detail of his mission and the financial terms. After signing the contract, usually, the customer will have to pay an initial down payment to cover the initial costs and start the mission. Once the mission is completed and successful, the customer will have to pay the remainder, the “success” fee. That’s another big advantage of working with a property hunter: he will get the big part of his commission, only if his mission is fully completed!

      3. The property search and visit of properties

        The real search is starting now. The real estate shopper will first establish a list of the different criteria’s of his customer. Then he will get in touch with his contacts at many different real estate agents and he will search the market and the different portals. Once he has found a property, he will organize visits.

      4. Feedback and exchange of views with the customer

        Once the property finder has found a property fitting the criteria’s, he will revert to the customer. Depending on the market, if there are a lot of possibilities on the market, he will even come back with many different properties fitting the criteria’s of the purchaser. Depending on the feedback from the customer, the property hunter will continue is mission or not. In general, the customer will come as well on the ground, surely if his main motivation is a purchase for himself so that he can have a strong view on the different propositions and go ahead with any one of those.

      5. Purchase of the property if the customer agrees

        Once there is an agreement on a property, the property hunter will begin to negotiate with the seller and will try to get the best price for his customer. At the same time, it’s the start of the purchase of the property which involves many different steps. Please read our Infographic on those: “The 8 Steps of buying your Spanish property”.

      6. The real estate personal shopper will assist his customer with formalities

        Assist the customer with all the paperwork, the set up of utilities, the registration of the property with local authorities, with the community of owners…
        And he will help the customer to find local partners for renovation work or interior design. This part is as well important for foreigners as most of the time they don’t know reliable partners and don’t speak Spanish.

    4. Check the accomplished missions of our property hunters


      Here is how we have helped our customers with our network.

      Further reading: most of this page comes from our main article on the subject: 6 essential reasons for loving your property finder in Spain

    5. No need of a property finder for a new build property, we agree.

      Benefit from our €5,000 cash back offer on any listed property.


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