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Find Surveyors in Spain: Technical due diligence & Valuation of your Spanish property

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Find a surveyor for your technical due diligence or for the valuation of your second home in Spain.


This network is created on the basis of the quality of services provided to our customers.


Our partner’s Network of Surveyors and Valuers carry out:
  • pre-acquisition building inspections for buyers,
  • development appraisals,
  • and property valuations as expert witnesses for the UK and all other worldwide Courts.

Their comprehensive service includes requesting, studying, and reporting on the information provided by the estate agents, owners and developers.


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Why do you need technical due diligence on your Spanish property?


A lawyer will ensure that all paperwork is correct; however, this may not be complete if the property is not described accurately or has major defects. Extra rooms may have been built that do not show on the paperwork and perhaps do not have the required licenses.


Equally, there may be structural or other building problems, that would not become apparent until after the property is purchased. Issues like these can be avoided when the property is professionally surveyed, inspected and measured before a purchase is completed.


Additionally, it’s important to be aware of changes to legislation. For example, now it’s crucial to confirm if there is a tenant in the buildings – it doesn’t matter if it’s an informal agreement – if there is a tenant, they may have the right to remain for five years.


When carrying out RICS Building Surveys and Property Valuations, the surveyor checks on all of these matters, as appropriate to the locality in which the property is located.


A building survey prevents buyers from being burdened with the troubles of the seller.


The Surveyors and Registered Valuers of our partner are all residents and working in Spain, some for more than 20 years. They are fully insured and regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

We provide independent pre-acquisition building surveys and valuations throughout mainland Spain, the Balearic & Canary Islands and Gibraltar.


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