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Selection of our best 2022 articles

23 Dec
Our 2022 review
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Selection of our best 2022 articles

2022 will be remembered as the energy crisis year in Europe. This difficult situation could stay for a few years, that’s why one of our new studies of 2022 was to compare European Electricity prices with Electricity prices in Spain. They used to be more expensive than in the rest of Europe, but that is not the case anymore as our detailed analysis showed: electricity prices in Spain are up to 75% cheaper than in many European countries!

One of our other big articles is the forecast for the Spanish property market in 2023.

Those two were some of our biggest work but, we wrote many other interesting articles to assist you with your property purchase in Spain. Discover those just after this quick introduction.

Last but not least, with our local property hunters everywhere in Spain, we wrote many “case studies” on their property shopping for our customers. Have a look at those, always interesting to see how a professional can add some value by finding the correct property, asking you good questions and by doing his due diligence on the property. Of course, last but not least, price negotiation is one of his edges.


In 2022, we wrote many unique new articles on our blog


Successful property hunting searches realized by our local partners in 2022

We asked our local property hunters to details of some property searches they did for our customers.


Discover why you will save money and time with a local Spanish property hunter and have a look at all our property searches from the local property hunters part of our network.


Our extensive 2022 series of articles on how to find “your” ideal Spanish property

Our ultimate 2022 guide to buying your property in Spain even if you are looking for a property anywhere in the world, it will be very useful to assist you. This guide is written with different sections:

And 4 dedicated articles depending on why you buy your property in Spain:



Looking for a newbuild property? Check it here first.




Here are our most-read articles in 2022. Contrary to the articles we spoke about earlier those are articles written before 2022 and are the most-read on our site.


Don’t miss any of our articles in 2023


Looking for a local partner in Spain? Search in our network first.


Looking for a local property hunter, a local lawyer, … ? Ask us directly!


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