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European real estate price evolution over the last 3 years to December 2022

Rankings of the European House Prices Index over the last 3 years to December 2022


Over the past three years, the real estate market across various European countries has experienced significant growth, with some countries performing exceptionally well. We have divided the market evolution into three distinct groups to provide a clear picture of the progress made until the end of December 2022.


Top Performers

  • Luxembourg: 38.2%
  • Croatia: 36.2%
  • Netherlands: 36.0%
  • Portugal: 36.0%
  • Austria: 33.9%

These countries have witnessed the most impressive growth in real estate over the past three years. Luxembourg leads the pack, with a remarkable 38.2% increase, followed closely by Croatia, the Netherlands, and Portugal, all of which have seen growth rates of over 36%. Austria has also performed well with a 33.9% growth rate.


Eurostat Real Estate price 3 Year change to Dec 2022

Eurostat Real Estate price 3 Year change to Dec 2022


Solid Performers

  • Ireland: 24.5%
  • France: 18.7%
  • Germany: 18.1%
  • Belgium: 17.4%
  • Romania: 17.0%


The second group comprises countries that have experienced solid growth in their real estate markets. Ireland tops this group with a 24.5% increase, followed by France and Germany with 18.7% and 18.1% growth rates, respectively. Belgium and Romania have also seen their real estate markets expand by more than 17%.


Moderate Performers

  • Spain: 14.0%
  • Malta: 12.5%
  • Sweden: 12.4%
  • Denmark: 10.5%
  • Italy: 8.5%
  • Finland: 4.2%
  • Cyprus: 1.4%


The final group consists of countries that have experienced moderate growth in their real estate markets over the past three years. Spain leads this group with a 14.0% growth rate, followed by Malta and Sweden with increases of 12.5% and 12.4%, respectively. Denmark, Italy, Finland, and Cyprus have all seen more modest growth rates, with Cyprus experiencing the lowest increase at 1.4%.


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