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Property Guides

Our PROPERTY GUIDES are detailed step-by-step HOW TO BUY guides of 100+ pages, and include all the fiscal and legal aspects of buying a property in Spain.

  • They are tailor-made for different countries of origin: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Italy, Norway, China
  • They are written for the 17 different Autonomous Regions of Spain.
  • We developed more than 100 guides written to respond to the specific needs of our customers with two main criteria in mind: countries of origin and Spanish regions where you will buy.
  • You will enjoy negotiated rates with our trusted partners as a member of our network.
  • You will recoup more than the price of your guide directly.
  • Full updated analysis of the different regions and market trends, updated yearly.
  • Estimation of costs to buy a property.
  • Estimation of the yearly costs to own a property.

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