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1. History of Real estate transactions in Spain, Spaniards and Foreigners

Yearly data. Source: Ministerio de Fomento

2. Real Estate estimated returns in Spain

Source: Banco de España

3. Unsold New Homes

Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística

4. Cost of life in Spain

Source: Eurostat 2015

5. Growth rate in Europe 2017 & 2018

Source: European Commission

6. Life expectancy by country & sex: Spain is the 2nd country in the world

Source: OECD 2014

7. Tourists arrivals in Spain, last 12 months

Source: Ministerio de Turismo up to 2015 & Instituto Nacional de Estadística, 2015 and after

8. Biggest tourist destinations in Europe

Source: Eurostat 2014

9. Spain GDP Growth and its components

Source: European Commission, Autumn 2016