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Legal & Tax

12 Feb

Tourist apartments in Spain

Automatic translation from Google translate: Tourist apartments are more and more controlled in Spain The rental of apartments or flats by days or weeks, called “Tourist rental”, is a more and more extended activity in the Spanish tourist cities because it is much more profitable than the typical residential rental contracts.

06 Jan

Spain property tax: What are the taxes involved in the purchase, holding, and sale of your Spanish property?

Automatic translation from Google translate:    What are the taxes involved in the purchase, holding, and sale of your property in Spain?   The purchase and sale of real estate in Spain, as well as its ownership, generate the obligation to pay different taxes, also for non-residents in Spain. This publication’s

18 Sep

Tax Residence. Why is it important for you? Definition and examples(Part I)

Automatic translation from Google translate: Tax residence: What is it? Why do you need to understand it? Tax residence is a legal concept of great importance internationally. It determines the obligations of natural and legal persons for paying taxes in a given state as “tax resident”. This means, in most jurisdictions, that you will pay taxes on your worldwide income:

25 May

The Spanish NIE number? Learn everything here: What is it? How, Why, Where get it? More than 1.000 readers (dec 17)

Translate this page: What is the Spanish NIE number? The Spanish NIE number, short for “Número de Identificación de Extranjero”, is a Foreigner Identification Number: a fiscal identification number for foreigners who want to stay more than 3 months in Spain. Why do I need it? Open a bank account Buy a property or insure