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25 Aug

Remote working from your Madrid’s pied-à-terre?

pied-a-terre in Madrid1

Click on any flag to get an automatic translation from Google translate. Some news could have an original translation here: News Nouvelles Nieuws Noticias Nachrichten   A pied-à-terre in Madrid   Profile of the buyer a lady residing in the USA, with her son living in Spain (not in Madrid).

26 Apr

250 000 fast train tickets at 25€, Happy 25 Years of Fast Train -AVE- in Spain

A fast train from Spain traveling down a track in a field after 25 years.

Translate this page: On the 21st of April of 1992, the fast train was born in Spain   The first route to be open in Spain was the Madrid to Seville route with 471 Km. Since 1992, the network expanded to more than 3000 km and more than 11 different