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23 Feb

Spanish bank repossessions: Your ultimate guide to 120.000 properties

Click on any flag to get an automatic translation from Google translate. Some news could have an original translation here: News     Nouvelles     Nieuws     Noticias     Nachrichten     Spanish bank repossessions: Your ultimate guide to 120.000 repossessed properties    Residential, Land, Offices and Industrial repossessed properties in Spain   First,

22 May

Sareb launches a new “Casas de estreno” campaign with 3716 properties on the market

Translate this page: Sareb launches a new edition of its “Casas de Estreno” campaign and put 3716 properties on the market The campaign data are the following: They will sell 3716 It will last 3 months Properties are: Apartments & single-family homes It is spread over 16 autonomous communities: Andalusia,

21 Apr

Sareb brings 2.700 coastal properties on the market. Prices Starting €27,500!!!

 Translate this page: Sareb puts homes in coastal areas on the market, with asking prices starting from €27,500 The third edition of the “tucasaatodacosta” campaign includes properties owned by Sareb and properties that secure loans owned by the company The campaign gets underway with 2,700 homes located across 20 coastal provinces.

14 Apr

Where are the Spanish bank properties for sale?

Translate this page:   In less than six months, this news is one of our top read news, we got more than 3.000 readers very quickly! Have a look at the latest paper we wrote in February 2018 on the same subject: Where will you find the Bank repossessions in Spain? It

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