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23 Sep

Update on the Spanish Real estate market: Prices Up, Transactions up, Foreigners active, Financing conditions… Which regions are the most sought after?

Automatic translation from Google translate: During the second quarter, house prices in Spain went up 0.16% and 4.4% year-on-year.   The College of Registrars, the office of notary in Spain, has released the last statistics of the Spanish real estate market up to June 2017 in its quarterly report: The

25 May

The Spanish NIE number? Learn everything here: What is it? How, Why, Where get it? More than 1.000 readers (dec 17)

Translate this page: What is the Spanish NIE number? The Spanish NIE number, short for “Número de Identificación de Extranjero”, is a Foreigner Identification Number: a fiscal identification number for foreigners who want to stay more than 3 months in Spain. Why do I need it? Open a bank account Buy a property or insure

21 Apr

Sareb brings 2.700 coastal properties on the market. Prices Starting €27,500!!!

 Translate this page: Sareb puts homes in coastal areas on the market, with asking prices starting from €27,500 The third edition of the “tucasaatodacosta” campaign includes properties owned by Sareb and properties that secure loans owned by the company The campaign gets underway with 2,700 homes located across 20 coastal provinces.

17 Mar

Property transactions in Spain in January 2017

Translate this page: A strong yearly growth rate of 18% The”Instituto Nacional de Estadistica” just released the last number of transactions for the month of January 2017, it is 38 457. Compared to December 2016, it’s a growth of 30% and 18% compared to January 2016.   Cantabria, Balearic Islands