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04 Jan

Are you buying real estate in Spain?… Join our 60.000 readers … from 190 countries in the world!!! readership per country

Translate this page: 60.000 readers: this is huge! Thank you all.   We help foreigners to buy their dream properties in Spain, Check here what we did for our readers in 2018!       Have a look at our detailed papers regarding foreigners activity on the Spanish property market: Who

27 Jan

Give us your country of origin… we will tell you how much you love Spain!

Translate this page: Are you in love with Spain? Give us your nationality and we will tell you… Even if you don’t know it yourself! Before studying the numbers, do you know why it is important to take holidays? Here is a quick reminder if you forgot (click on the picture

19 Jan

What should you pay attention to when buying a property in Spain?

Automatic translation from Google translate:   What should you pay attention to when buying a property in Spain? We wrote three interesting papers on this subject: Our top 10 pieces of advice for buying your property in Spain The 8 legal steps to your Spanish Property Top 8 tips for

07 Jun

Spanish property prices up 4,8% since the bottom of Q4 2014. Still down 27.4% since 2008

Translate this page: The Ministry of development has released its Statistic of the residential real estate prices in Spain. The average price per m² stood at 1,526 euros in the first quarter of 2017. An increase of 2.2% year-on-year and 0.9% on a quarterly basis It is the eighth consecutive

01 Jun

@Vueling summer promotion: 1.000.000 tickets at 24.99€

Translate this page: You now have 1,000,000 seats from 24.99* with the Vueling Summer promotion Purchase between 30th May and 2nd June to fly between 12th June and 26th October 2017. This promotion will close on the 2nd of June midnight! Before booking, you want to check the temperature of