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The Spanish property market is very strong in 2018: Growth rates higher than 30% in touristic regions

19 Mar

Automatic translation from Google translate:

+23.1% Spanish properties sold in January vs one year ago

The INE, the “Instituto Nacional de Estadisticas”, has just released the numbers of property transactions for the month of December.

Here is our quick snapshot of the main information:

  • +23.1% transactions growth to 47.289 (vs 2016)
  • +46.8% growth vs December 2017 (it was +30.2% one year ago)


Spanish regions with the highest property transactions growth

  • Asturias: +55.7%, with 939 transactions
  • Valencian community: +40.5% with 7.409 transactions
  • Cantabria: +37.4%, with 672 transactions
  • Murcia: +38.8%, with 1.514 transactions
  • Andalusia: +31.1%, with 8.988 transactions


Spanish regions with the lowest property  transactions growth

  • Extremadura, +1.3%, with 631 transactions
  • Aragon, with 1.139 transactions
  • La rioja, with 344 transactions


Top 4 Spanish regions

  • Andalusia: 8.988 transactions and 31.1% growth
  • Valencian Community: 7.409 and 40.5% growth
  • Catalunia: 7.334 and 8.2% growth
  • Madrid Community: 6.526 and 14.2% growth


Remember our infographic on the most active regions for foreigners:

Where are foreigners buying in spain? Infograhic


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Read the official press release from the “Instituto Nacional de Estadistica” in Spanish here


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