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Do you want to build your own villa in Spain?

12 Mar
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Do you want to build your own villa in Spain?


1. Let’s start with your plot of land

Most of the time, you may construct on a certain proportion of the plot, let’s say 20%… so if you want a big villa, you’ll need a big plot.

  • Check the spatial planning of the plot and of the adjacent plots.
  • Think about the views.
  • Check the format of the properties you may build: High? Large?
  • Style? Check what you may or may not do in that region / that city: Mediterranean style, Modern style,…
  • Is the area already developed or not? If not, you will have to install utilities, street lighting, sewage,… and it could mean extra costs.
  • Is your plot of land precise? What about its measures? If any doubt, a professional will double check it. (about €400)


2. Buy the land

You will have to pay VAT on that and a local tax to register the plot and create the legal act to the local authorities of about 2%.



3.  Find an architect

If you want an excellent architect, you could have a good one here: Don’t search further, we found it! Your architect design dream house in Spain! This architect works all over Spain and even started to work in Europe on a few different projects.

Your architect will:

  • create a first draft of the project
  • ask for the authorisation for building the project with the local authorities
  • The tax for the authorisation is about 2-3% of the price of the works and varies between the different
  • check the authorisation

In general, the cost of the architect is about 10% of the construction costs.


4. Contractor

Your architect could help you with this step. You will have to compare between contractors. Check the financial health of those companies… and of course negotiate to get the best all-in price. Check for warranties and ask for a precise schedule of payments. You will have to pay the VAT of course on the works of 10%.



5. Follow up of the works

This is the job of the architect. At the end, you should get a technical control of the site as well.


6. Get the delivery of your villa

You will receive a certificate of conformity. You will need as well the license of the first occupation on which you will have to pay a tax. The local authorities will control the property then finally the Contractor will deliver the property.

Last but not least, you will get a bunch of Certificates for your utilities.

You will need to go to the notary to get the “Escritura de Obra Nueva” which is a precise description of the new build property with a valuation of the property. It will be registered in the Register of properties. For this act you will have to pay a tax of 1.5% to 2%.


The contractor should have a insurance for his responsibility for the next 10 years. If not maybe you should ask for an insurance.


Do you think that it’s too much work to build your own property but you really want a new build property?

Picture Credit of the “featured image” at the top of this article, follow this link to review the full projectFran Silvestre Arquitectos working everywhere in Spain and in some parts of the world, ask us to be put in touch with them and benefit from the strength of our network.

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3 beds 3 baths


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