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Almería, one of the Andalusian pearls

29 May
Real estate market in Almería offering a castle with ocean views.
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Almería, one of the Andalusian pearls

Almería, located to the east of Andalusia, is one of the most beautiful provinces of Spain. The Natural Park of Cabo de Gata is one of the most beautiful in Europe with its virgin beaches that were not touched by the real estate unrest that lived the Iberian country at the end of the last century.

But Almeria is not just Cabo de Gata. The province offers other great places such as the beaches of the Dead or the Genoveses, as well as monuments such as the Cathedral of Almeria or the Plaza de Toros de Vera. As a curiosity, between 60 and 70 Almeria was “set” of spaghetti western movies, and today you can still visit the facilities, known as Oasys MiniHollywood.


Why Almería?

Apart from the previous reasons, this province enjoys mild temperatures throughout the year. For example, Almeria, the capital, has an average temperature of 20 degrees and more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. If you want to escape the rain this is the perfect place, since it does not rain more than 20 days a year.

In addition, you can do water sports throughout the year. The sea water is 17 degrees during the winter. But if in winter you want to enjoy the mountain and see the snow, in the same province there are the Sierra de Gádor, Sierra Alhamilla and part of the Cordillera Penibética.


How is the real estate market in Almería?

The average price of the province of the square meter is 950 €, being one of the cheapest in Spain. In the capital, Almeria, the price stands at € 1,100. Although it is superior to the provincial average, it is still far below if compared to other provincial capitals of the country.

Check this chart of Almería vs National averages.


The forecast is that the real estate market will continue to recover. For example, by the end of 2016 housing sales increased by more than 15%.

As for the foreigners, according to Steve of Spirit Invest Spain “English, Germans and Scandinavians are the biggest buyers.” In addition “the people of Northern Europe see Spain as a good opportunity to invest again in the real estate sector because of their prices.”

Where to live in the province of Almeria?

Of course, one of the best options is Almería, the capital. Its situation next to the sea makes it possible to go to the beach much of the year. In addition, its nearly 200,000 inhabitants make the city have all basic services covered, as well as hospitals, schools, shopping centers, etc.

If you want to live in a smaller place, but with beaches within a five minute walk, Roquetas de Mar and Mojácar are the best options. In addition, as Steve (Spirit Invest Spain) points out, “foreigners are investing in these two places.”

But if what you want is to enjoy the tranquility, interior and rural areas of Almería offer is a choice, with beaches and mountains nearby, so it is easy to make day trips to the area you prefer.


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Getting around in Almeria

The network of roads makes it possible to reach any corner of the province easily. There are motorways that connect the city of Almería with the other provincial capitals of Andalusia, as well as the surrounding autonomous communities. Almería has an airport that offers flights to the main cities of Spain like Madrid and Barcelona.

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