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08 Sep
100.000 Readers
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Our 100,000th reader just joined our network!

Thank you all.


It took us about 2 years to reach 60,000 readers, it took us less than 7 months to get the next 40,000 readers.

We are seeing an impressive growth in our traffic as we are THE solution of choice for any foreigner purchasing a property in Spain.


Our biggest EVER giveaway 20 x €5,000

In order to thank you, we have created our biggest event ever with our partners:

For the 20 first new build property buyers listed on our website, starting this 22nd of July 2019, we will reimburse you €5,000!



More than 500 properties listed on our portal

We can’t list all the properties of our partners but we list 30 of them representing more than 500 properties available:

Don’t hesitate to ask our partners for more by filling the form available on any property.

We are constantly adding properties and partners to our portal, so, before buying a property in Spain, check first here, we have the properties listed at the lowest prices available directly from renowned developers.



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Any trick?

Just buy any property listed and work with our partners, easy isn’t it? see detailed conditions here.

We will regularly update you with the list of the buyers.


Why our partners are happy?

They are all happy to work with you and to be partnering with us as it keep them busy.



Check our property buyers’ guides for the 11 top nationalities.

Here are our FREE pdf property buyers’ guides written for all the foreign nationalities looking to buy in Spain: click on your country flag, you will find your pdf report at the end of each article. Get most of our tips there.




And of course, don’t miss our quarterly report on the Spanish real estate activity:




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Here is the TOP 100 list of the nationalities of our readers:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Spain
  3. United States
  4. Belgium
  5. France
  6. Netherlands
  7. Ireland
  8. Germany
  9. Sweden
  10. Canada
  11. Switzerland
  12. India
  13. United Arab Emirates
  14. Luxembourg
  15. Italy
  16. Peru
  17. Poland
  18. Philippines
  19. Russia
  20. Denmark
  21. Norway
  22. Ukraine
  23. Argentina
  24. Australia
  25. Bulgaria
  26. Finland
  27. Portugal
  28. Brazil
  29. Israel
  30. Turkey
  31. China
  32. Mexico
  33. Romania
  34. Morocco
  35. Singapore
  36. Hong Kong
  37. Lithuania
  38. Malaysia
  39. Colombia
  40. Venezuela
  41. Greece
  42. South Africa
  43. Estonia
  44. Egypt
  45. Hungary
  46. Austria
  47. Algeria
  48. Czechia
  49. Latvia
  50. Saudi Arabia
  51. Thailand
  52. Vietnam
  53. Cyprus
  54. Nigeria
  55. Indonesia
  56. Iceland
  57. Bahrain
  58. Japan
  59. South Korea
  60. Qatar
  61. Bangladesh
  62. New Zealand
  63. Chile
  64. Iran
  65. Moldova
  66. Malta
  67. Kenya
  68. Kuwait
  69. Kazakhstan
  70. Costa Rica
  71. Slovakia
  72. Gibraltar
  73. Mauritius
  74. Pakistan
  75. Tunisia
  76. Taiwan
  77. Jordan
  78. Sri Lanka
  79. Panama
  80. Slovenia
  81. Albania
  82. Azerbaijan
  83. Belarus
  84. Croatia
  85. Cambodia
  86. Andorra
  87. Dominican Republic
  88. Lebanon
  89. Oman
  90. Curaçao
  91. Ecuador
  92. Honduras
  93. Macedonia (FYROM)
  94. Serbia
  95. Bolivia
  96. Côte d’Ivoire
  97. Guernsey
  98. Montenegro
  99. El Salvador
  100. Tanzania


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4.8/5 - (6 votes)