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Real estate Yearly prices changes – Spanish Autonomous Regions,

Source: Ministerio de Fomento

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  • Yes foreigners are active and buy about 15% of the properties in Spain
  • Gross real estate return is estimated close to 8% in 2017 by the bank of Spain
  • You have 500 000 new-build homes on the market
  • Cost of living in Spain is about 10% cheaper than in Europe
  • GDP growth is back in Spain and one of the strongest in Europe
  • Life expectancy in Spain is the second country in the world behind Japan


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  1. Why should you go on holidays more often?
  2. Why should you buy a second home in Spain?
  3. What is the profile of the second home buyer in Europe? What are his motivations? What is the ideal second home? Where does he buy?

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  1. Where are the main cities, the Costas and all the autonomous regions of Spain?
  2. Where are the cities with the biggest/lowest household income?
  3. The 8 legal steps to your Spanish property
  4. Where are the cities with the most second homes?
  5. All you ever wanted to know on the Spanish NIE
  6. Where are foreigners buying a second home in Spain?
  7. 10 Steps to pay attention before buying a house in Spain
  8. Who are the foreigners buying in Spain?
  9. 8 Questions you should ask yourself before buying
  10. The final six weeks countdown to your Spanish property

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  • you know your budget: What are your financial means? Do you need a mortgage?

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Real Estate Indicators: National

Chg 1 year
Chg 1 period
1 Y ago
2 Y ago
3 Y ago
4 Y ago
5 Y ago
Real Estate Price Index, 100=2007 (1)Dec-164,5%0,4%716865646979
Real Estate price, Min de Fom, €/m2 (2)Jun-171,6%0,3%153015061477145915031606
Real Estate price, Idealista, Base 2001=100 (3)Jun-174,7%0,2%128122122122133146
Real Estate price, Fotocasa, €/m2 (4)Jun-174,6%0,8%169416201635169917942017
Rental Price Index, 100=2011 (5)Feb-170,1%0,0%100100100101101101
(1) Quarterly, Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística, (2) Quarterly, Source: Ministerio de Fomento, (3) Monthly, Source: Idealista / BDE, (4) Monthly, Source: Fotocasa/BDE, (5) Monthly, Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística
Chg 1 year
Chg 1 period
1 Y ago
2 Y ago
3 Y ago
4 Y ago
5 Y ago
Housing Building Permits, in thousands (6)May-1714,4%0,8%685939343866
Transactions, Notary, in thousands (7)Mar-1713,6%4,2%477420370327349344
Construction Confidence Index (8)Aug-1736,2%31,7%-29-46-22-34-69-65
Construction costs Price Index, 100=2010 (9)Jun-17-0,3%0,0%102102103104103105
Construction Output Index, 100=2010 (10)Mar-17-2,6%-1,7%949790917674
(6) Last 12 Months, Monthly, Source: Ministerio de Fomento (7) Last 12 Months, Quarterly, Source: Ministerio de Fomento (8) Percent, Monthly, Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística (9) Quarterly, Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística (10) Monthly, Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística