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Spanish real estate market activity: August 2018 transactions + 7.4%

23 Oct
Where are foreigners buying in spain? Infograhic

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How strong is the activity on the real estate market in Spain?

The “Instituto Nacional de Estadisticas”, INE, has just released the Transactions statistics for the month of August 2018.

  • 44.637 properties were sold in August +7.4% vs last year
  • 90% are transactions on non protected properties while 10% are on protected properties
  • 36.462 properties are second-hand sales, i.e. 82% of the transactions, a growth of 6.9% vs last year
  • 8.175 are newbuild properties, i.e. 18% of the transactions, a growth of 9.6% vs last year


What are the most active regions in terms of transactions?

  1. Andalusia with 9.141 transactions
  2. Catalunia with 6.883 transactions
  3. The Valencian community with 6.591 transactions
  4. The Madrid Community with 6.212 transactions

Those 4 regions are the same where foreigners are the most active:

Where are foreigners buying in spain? Infograhic

Where do we see the strongest growth vs last year?

  1. The Navarre with a growth of 37.3% and 670 transactions
  2. The Region of Murcia with a growth of 23.4% and 1.423 transactions
  3. The Asturias with a growth of 23.4% and 817 transactions
  4. The Basque country with a growth of 18.7% and 1.855 transactions


Where do we see the biggest activity vs the living population in the region?

  1. The Valencian community with 168 transactions for 100.000 inhabitants
  2. Andalusia with 139 transactions per 100.000 inhabitants
  3. The Navarre, Cantabria, The Balearic Islands have all close to 130 transactions per 100.000 inhabitants
  4. Murcia, The Canary Islands and Madrid have all close to 122 transactions per 100.000 inhabitants


Where do we see the slowest activity vs the living population in the region?

Asturies, Castilla and Leon, Extremadura and Galicia are the least active regions with transactions between 100 to 63 per 100.000 inhabitants.

If you want to check further the activity on the top 20 property markets in Spain: evolution of prices and transactions up to June 2018, have a look at our full report:



Check the Spanish report from the INE.

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