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Gran Canaria, the tropical gem of Spain

17 Apr
Many boats docked in a waterfront harbor with stunning mountain views, perfect for those looking to buy a property in Gran Canaria.
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Gran Canaria, the tropical gem of Spain

Gran Canaria, as Tenerife, has a tropical climate that makes it possible to go to the beach all year round. Also, its geology gives the island a variety of landscapes and weather that will make everyone happy.


What is so nice in Gran Canaria?

The Cancer tropic gives the island the most comfortable climate conditions. For example, the capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has an average temperature of 17 degrees in winter and 25 degrees in summer (if we think about it, the average temperature in summer in London is around 17 degrees, the same as winter in Las Palmas). Check the monthly weather statistics for Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

But as mentioned before, Gran Canaria has various climates: the north is usually humid, rainy and cooler, while the south is warmer, sunnier and drier.


The third cheapest city to live in Spain

If you compare Gran Canaria to the main other cities in Spain, it is one of the cheapest city to live in. Check our article on the cost of living in Spain to find out more on that subject.


Which nationalities are buying in Gran Canaria?

As Karin Muegge, from ImmoRent Canarias, points “the island attracts people from all over Europe”. Among those, British, Germans, French and Italians are the top buyers.

In 2016 more than 25% of apartments were sold to foreigners. The forecast for 2017 promises that the number of foreigners buying property on the island will increase, although there is a concern on how Brexit will affect in the future.


What about real estate prices?

During the years of the crisis, the prices of apartments descended to the levels of 2001, as everywhere around the country. In the last couple of years, the real estate market is experiencing a slow recovery. For example, the price per square meter in Las Palmas is around 1.400€ while in 2008 it was at its maximum, more than 2.000€ per square meter. Gran Canaria is still one of the cheapest places in Spain where you can buy a house.

Real estate prices of Gran Canaria are low compared to the National average.

Where are the nice places to live?

As was pointed out before, Gran Canaria offers a variety of places that will suit everyone.

Maspalomas, in the south, is the second biggest city, and it offers a warm and sunny weather the whole year. Its proximity to the beach makes it a perfect place for the beach fun and relaxation. As Karin Muegger says, “most of the foreigners look for apartments in this area”.

Las Palmas, in the north, is the capital and the biggest city in the Canary Islands. It offers all the basic facilities as hospitals and shopping malls. It has also beaches and a booming harbour where you can get anything you want (exotic food, clothes, etc.). If you are not a fan of big cities but you want to live next to it, the neighbourhoods Siete Palmas and La Minilla are the best options. These are laid back areas with lots of nature.

Not far from the capital, Arucas is an excellent place for those who are looking for a quiet town. Its centre is known for its wonderful architecture. Arucas lies at the feet of an old volcano that offers magnificent views of the ocean and the north of the island.

Going back to the south, Puerto de Mogán is one of the most beautiful places in Gran Canaria. It is considered to have the best climate of the Canary Islands with its never-ending sunny days.

Get in and around Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is only reachable by ferry and plane, there is an airport with connections to the main cities of Spain and Europe. It is also easy to get to the other islands of the archipelago by plane and ferry. There is a highway that connects the north and the south, and many other routes that can bring you to every corner of Gran Canaria.

If you want to invest in the Spanish real estate market in Spain, don’t hesitate to read our special report with the 10+ reasons why you should have a look at the Spanish property market.

Check our infographic on the yearly weather statistics of Gran Canaria before buying, you’ll find out that, as for Tenerife, monthly average temperatures are always higher than 18 degrees, even in the winter, not bad !!!

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Las Palmas’ monthly weather averages

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