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Murcia, a good city to make a property investment

05 Oct
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Murcia, a good city to make a property investment

Although you may not know Murcia, the capital of the region of Murcia, as it is little known outside of Spain, it has a rich historical heritage because of the large number of civilizations (Iberians, Phoenicians, Byzantines, Carthaginians, Romans and Arabs) who settled on its territory.

Why Murcia?

Located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, exactly in the valley of the River Segura, flowing through the city, it enjoys an enviable climate for Europe, with an average annual temperature of almost 19 degrees and about 3,000 hours of sunshine a year.

As mentioned, Murcia is a Spanish city famous for its rich historical and cultural heritage, one of this beautiful example is its cathedral. Although during the holy week it receives many visitors who are fond of religious tourism, it also arouses the interest of many people who wish to establish their residence in the city.

In addition to the Cathedral, right next to the city there is the famous orchard of Murcia, a unique ecosystem that can be visited on foot or by bicycle.

How is the Murcia real estate market?

The average price of housing in Murcia was in the second quarter of 2017 at € 971 per square meter. Although it seems that the market prices have stabilized and are exiting the crisis, the recovery is slow, because the price increase during the last year is only 2.9%. Real estate prices are low compared to historical standards and started to rise again since end 2014 in Spain, but prices remain low in the region of Murcia, check our interactive chart.



Foreigners are very active

Foreigners have noticed this: foreign investments have risen about 25% over the previous year for the entire region of Murcia.


Where to live in Murcia?

Murcia, with more than 400,000 inhabitants, has different nice areas where you can buy a home.

The neighbourhood “barrio del Carmen” is the most populous in the city. That is where the train station is located which has made the apartments of this area as the most coveted in the city. In addition, this area has also all the basic services covered such as schools, supermarkets or stores.

The neighbourhood “barrio de la Fama” is the centre of the city. Here you can find a wide range of services, such as libraries or various educational centres. It is one of the most expensive areas of Murcia. It is also near the beautiful and picturesque districts of Vistabella and fleet.

But if what you are looking is a quieter area, there are neighbourhoods “barrio del jardín de la Constitución” and “el barrio Huerto de las Palmeras” that are two areas with many green areas.

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How to get around in Murcia?

Murcia has several bus lines and tram, although it is a city that can be explored by bicycle very easily.

The train station connects the city with other parts of the province such as Cartagena. You can also arrive by train to the neighbouring provinces (Almeria and Alicante) and the cities of Madrid and Valencia. All these sites can also be reached by road or highway.

Murcia city does not have its own airport. The nearest airport is San Javier, which has flights to some European cities (mostly to the British Isles). If you want to fly to other parts of Spain or Europe, the airport of Alicante is 70 km away.

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