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Why buy a property in Spain ? The view of a Spanish notary

02 Oct
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Why buy a property in Spain? : The view of a Spanish notary

The owners of the company and the publisher of howtobuyinSpain.com have asked me to explain my vision of “Why is it advisable to buy a property in Spain?” I must admit that it is my privilege to have this gallery to address readers, wherever they are in the world to read it.
I can say that it has never been as easy as it is now! Let me give this advice to the world: buying a property in Spain is safe and therefore recommended. We can give many arguments, but as we should avoid giving the impression of being fanatics or to be obeying certain interests, we will systematize this point of view.

Its Location

France and Portugal as neighbours

Spain is located in southern Europe and is connected to the mainland by land through a long border with France, and also to its west with Portugal, a country very close to our country for historical reasons and very different and diverse by nature.

A highly cultural wealth

The coasts of Spain are bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Both seas allowed over more than two thousand years, the arrival of successive civilizations that left seeds of their various cultures. People arrived in Spain seeking to exploit and develop the wealth of our land. Our roots are pre-Roman, Roman, Phoenicians, Celts, Visigoths, Arabs and much more.

Close to any EU capital, and 8 hours flying to the States and the East

We are less than two hours by plane from European capitals and North Africa, and eight hours to the shores of America or the East. Spain is a country that enjoys at its best the Mediterranean climate, with temperatures milder than those of the rest of Europe. For centuries and for many reasons, especially since two hundred years ago, Spain is a favourite retreat for artists and intellectuals, and today it is more than ever the place to be for tourists or foreign residents.

Do you want to visit Spain?


Infographic Map of Spain with all costas, Regions and Cities


Its Geo-political situation

Spain is a democratic country for over forty years now. Spain enjoys a period of peace and prosperity never known before in its history. These conditions also attached to the exceptional political stability in Europe since the second half of the twentieth century have confirmed that Spain is a benchmark of stability and predictability. Spain is a member of the European Union, where it enjoys great weight, as well as NATO, as well as many other organizations at European or world level. It participates therefore to the worldwide concert in the making of strategic decisions for the survival of the culture of the West. Spain is a recognizable country for the world.

Its Economic development

Economy very strong and leading in Europe

Spain has experienced steady economic growth since the mid-eighties of last century. Placing our country at the fourteenth place of the biggest world economies. The global financial crisis is certain to have seen its effects in Spain and especially between 2009 and 2014. But the economic recovery is a fact: Spain is leading the economic growth compared with European countries with more than 2 % growth rate in 2017 and 2018. It should be noted that the economy no longer depends on the tourism sector thanks to the increases in exports and services up to more than 33% of GDP in 2016, against 22% in 2009.

Strong infrastructure

While the country is overcoming the crisis, Spain is known for its outstanding level of communications and transport, being at this moment the country with the most extensive network of high-speed train in Europe. Communicating with the world by air through airports of global reference and a modern and safe road network reinforce even more this reality.

Rebound helped by reforms

And although the economic recovery is not uniform throughout the country, the increased mobility of the workforce and reform of the labour regulations are allowing the unemployment figures to be reduced month by month.
Spain, in sum and from the economic point of view, is a strong and stable country in a robust environment such as the EU and is doing its homework for a long time in order to achieve its goals.
For those reasons, and of course, last but not least, also thanks to our beautiful and sunny beaches and the huge cultural offer, we are the first country in the European ranking of the annual influx of tourists with a market share of more than 20%.
So, great objective conditions are given for choosing our country as an investment destination in the past or in the near future …

Its legal and fiscal stability

The legal system of preventive security based on rules that guarantee the balance between the exercise of rights and the guarantee of their defence when they are undermined may be the last argument to encourage our readers to invest part of their resources in Spain.

We do not want to extend ourselves for today. Some interesting details about the way our laws are helping to acquire real estate in our country will be the subject of our analysis in a next occasion.

We wish you an interesting and fruitful reflection on what we have just said.

Alejandro Ruiz-Ayúcar Seifert
Notary of the Notarial College of Madrid

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