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27 Jan
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Are you in love with Spain?

Give us your nationality and we will tell you…

Even if you don’t know it yourself!

Before studying the numbers, do you know why it is important to take holidays?

Here is a quick reminder if you forgot (click on the picture to download the infographic):


8 reasons why you should go on holidays more often, Infographic


As you know, we love Statistics… ;). We Studied the last statistics available from Eurostat about Tourism destinations from 2015 … and yes guess what?

Spain is “The” number one destination for holidays of Europeans!

Spain is the number one tourist destination for Europeans with 5% of nights spent, then Italy with 3%, France with 3%, USA with 2% and finally Germany with 2%.

Which means that Spain has nearly as many tourists as France & Italy COMBINED!!!
Have a look at our interactive chart for details by nationality (click on any data):

Which nationalities have Spain has the top destination for holidays?


Spain is “The” top destination for holidays

for the residents of those countries

  1. Ireland
  2. The United Kingdom
  3. Germany
  4. Denmark
  5. Finland
  6. Sweden
  7. Portugal
  8. France

All those have Spain as the number one destination for their holidays.

The ranking is by decreasing order of “love” as you can see on our chart.


Spain is the second destination for holidays

for the residents of those countries

  1. Belgium (France is first)
  2. Netherlands (France is first)
  3. Italy (France is first)
  4. Romania (Italy is first)


Noone has Spain as third spot…

But Luxembourg, Zwitserland, Austria and Estonia have Spain as the fourth spot.

Finally, Malta, has Spain as the fifth spot for holidays.


Spain is the top destination as well for foreigners buying properties:

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Are you going on holidays soon in Spain?

We did some work to help you:

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Source: Eurostat Tourism data

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