Our 10 most read articles of 2018

25 Dec
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Here is the list of our 10 most read articles of 2018… some of them reach 5.000 reads.

Thank you all!


1. Your definitive guide to your Spanish Mortgage: How to apply? How to get the best rates?

2. Spanish bank repossessions: Your ultimate guide to 120.000 properties

3. What return will you make on your Spanish Property investment in 2018?

4. The top 20 Spanish property markets, our full analysis!  

5. The top 10 Spanish cities where foreigners love to buy properties!

6. Best mortgage rate in Spain in 2018

7. Where are the Spanish bank properties for sale?

8. 10+ Reasons For Buying a property in Spain – How to buy in Spain

9. Who are the foreigners buying properties in Spain?

10. Your mortgage calculator 



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