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The first questions for your future Architect?

13 May
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What are the first questions you should ask to your future Architect?

You could need an architect to renovate your property or for building your new build villa.

Let’s check the case of the new build villa but many of these questions would be the same for a renovation case.


The questions for your new build architect


We could regroup the questions into 3 different sections:


1. The Architect


The first questions are related to the experience of the architect:

  • Could you provide some references with your last realization?
  • Have you done similar projects?
  • Describe a recent project? With costs experienced vs budgeted? What about the timing for the realization?


Don’t forget to ask about his style?

  • What is your design philosophy?


Finally, check if he is insured.

  • Are you insured against claims?


Review this wonderful villa in Calpe created by one of our partner architect: House on a cliff


2. Your Project

  • How do you collaborate with your customers?
  • Who will be my contact within your company?
  • How documented is your project?
  • Do you have ideas for this project?
  • What are the challenges for this project?
  • What potential do you see in this project?
  • What is the expected budget?
  • Do you help to find / negotiate with contractors?
  • Do you do the on site follow up?
  • Environment and building efficiency?
  • How difficult is it to get the building permit?
  • When should I get the building permit?
  • How long will it take to build my project?


Your architect design dream house

Another wonderful design villa in Spain, follow the link to discover it

3. The contract

  • Fees: What are the items covered? Are there items not covered? For any item not covered, what is the hourly rate?
  • What is the schedule for the architect work? For the building?
  • What materials will I receive on the property?


Ask us to be put in contact with our partner architects in Spain.


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