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Real estate city trip to Valencia 19-20 April

14 Mar

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Have a look at the feedback of our real estate city trip to Valencia, follow the link.

We are organising a city trip to Valencia in order to check real estate opportunities.

We had a lot of requests on Valencia and that’s why we are organising a “reality check” city trip.

Here is what we wrote last year on the city: Valencia real estate market receives a lot of interest from foreigners.

If you want to check the monthly weather statistics of Valencia, read our infographic on that.


The goal is not to sell anything, the goal is to check the opportunities and see if it is interesting or not.


The trip will take place the 19 and 20 April.

What is the program?

19 April:

  • morning: check-in
  • 12.00: visits of investment opportunities
  • 19.00: a quick word from our local legal adviser, Sophie
  • evening: restaurant

20 April:

  • 9.00: visits of investment opportunities
  • 12.00: check out (more visits if possible)


We try to have a deal with a hotel in the old city

Practical info?

So obviously you would book your flight and the hotel and we would organise transport between properties and the restaurant in the evening of the 19th April.


Send your details to info@htbis.com for more info.

Looking for an expert in Spain? Ask us directly!


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