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What are the nationalities of the passengers flying to/from Spanish airports in 2018?

09 Jul
A woman monitors the flight schedule board at an airport, focusing on flights to Spain.
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What are the nationalities of the passengers flying to/from Spain in 2018?

The Aena, the company managing all the airports in Spain, just released its quarterly report analysing the airport passenger activity to any airport in Spain.

During the first quarter of 2018, 49.9m passengers went through Spanish airports, a 9.7% growth vs the year before. Let’s have a look at where this traffic is coming from, going to? Which countries?


The top 9 countries of origin/destination of passengers flying to/from Spanish airports

Statistics of the first quarter of 2018

  1. Spain, of course, is the first nationality of passengers flying to/from Spain with 17m flights and 34% of overall
  2. The United Kingdom is the second with 14% of flights
  3. Germany with 10%
  4. Italy with 6%
  5. France with 5%
  6. Holland with 3%
  7. Belgium with 2%
  8. Switzerland with 2%
  9. Portugal with 2%


The most active nationalities buying properties in Spain – within EU

In the first half of 2017 the most active nationalities were :

  • the British (13.9%),
  • the French (8.8%),
  • the Germans (8.2%),
  • the Italians (7.7%),
  • the Romanians (6.9%)
  • and the Belgians (6.2%).

Representing 50% of the transactions.

Not a surprise, the top 4 countries are the same as the top passengers’ countries flying to/from Spain.

Remember our paper who are the foreigners buying a property in Spain?

Of course, there are many reasons why foreigners love Spain and make it the top destination for their holidays, holidays homes, in Europe.


Which countries have the biggest growth flying to/from Spain?

Statistics of the first quarter of 2018

  1. Portugal has the biggest growth vs last year: +16%
  2. Spain has a growth of 15% which means that Spaniards are moving more abroad, this explains 50% of the growth in traffic in Spanish airports in 2018. We could explain this by the relative strong economic growth in Spain vs the rest of Europe
  3. Italy had a growth of 11%
  4. France, Sweden, Holland and Germany had a growth of 8%
  5. Belgium had a growth of 6%
  6. All the other countries but the United Kingdom had a growth of 13%
  7. The United Kingdom had a negative growth of 1%