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Your ultimate 2022 guide to your Spanish NIE number – NIE Spain

05 Jan
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Your ultimate guide to your Spanish NIE number


  1. What is the Spanish NIE?

    NIE is the abbreviation for Número de Identificación de Extranjero, it is a tax ID for foreigners in Spain. You shouldn’t compare it to the Spanish Golden Visa as the Golden Visa allows foreigners to get a residency if they invest in Spain.

    Check our one minute video on that:


  2. Why do I need the Spanish NIE number?

    • Open a bank account
    • Buy a property or insure it
    • Get a mortgage
    • Sign an internet or a phone contract
    • Open a utility contract
    • Buy a car or get a driving license
    • Sign a work contract and get Social security
    • Setup a company
    • … and pay taxes


  3. What do I need to get my Spanish NIE number as a European citizen?

    Step 1: Fill in THREE forms in BLOCK CAPITALS “EX – 15 Solicitud de Numero de Identidad de Extranjero NIE y Cert, per person requiring the NIE. You have to fill it in this Spanish version! But here is a very useful Version where you will find everything translated into English.

    Step 2: Fill in ONE Form 790 in BLOCK CAPITALS, here is the electronic version and here is the Pdf version of the form 790, per person requiring the NIE.

    Step 3: Make a copy of all the pages of your Passport

    Step 4: Two recent Passport pictures

    Step 5: Document proving why you need a Spanish NIE number, which differs depending on your intentions. In most cases it is one of those:

    -going to buy a property in Spain

    -job contract from the Spanish company

    -self-employed: a company ownership certificate

    -students: an acceptance letter from the school

    Step 6: Your future address in Spain and a Proof of health insurance if you are going to live in Spain

    Step 7: NIE application fee, less than 15€ (you could need to pay it to the nearest bank in cash)

    All those documents must be brought to the nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate after taking an appointment or the General police office in Spain, read further “How do I get my Spanish NIE number?”

    Step 8: For a non-European citizen, a proof of legal entry into Spain, like landing ticket.


  4. How do I get my Spanish NIE number?

    At the Spanish consulate in your own country

    We found the most demanded Spanish embassies and consulates here below but if you don’t find your country, here is the main site from to find any Spanish embassy or consulate in the world.

    Here are the addresses of some Spanish consulates and their Instructions for the NIE:


    In Spain, at the Directorate-General offices of the Police,


  5. Who can get the NIE Spain number?

    1. Yourself
    2. A duly mandated representative


  6. How long does it take to get my Spanish NIE number?

    Between one hour to up to 2 months depending on the way you do it. So plan accordingly!


    Download and print our infographics!


    Infographic All your questions on the Spanish NIE answered - NIE Spain number

    NIE Spain number, everything you need to know



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FAQ on Spanish NIE number

How do I get an NIE number in Spain?

To get a NIE, it's easy, fill the forms and get a meeting at your Spanish consulate. If you are not available, someone else can go do it for you. Read our step by step guide for more.

How long does a Spanish NIE number last?

NIE number are valid forever. So, don't wait, ask it now as it could take between 1 and 2 months.

How much is a NIE number in Spain?

The actual cost is less than 15€. Pay attention, you need to pay this in Cash at some consulates.

What documents do I need for NIE in Spain?

We have listed all the documents you need in our article: you need to fill 2 forms (the first one 3 times), you need a copy of your passport, two recent pictures, and a document proving why you need it,... Check our full list on our site


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