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Spain is the world’s most attractive country for Tourism

12 Jul
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Spain is the third biggest market for Airbnb

Airbnb has just released its Direct Economic Impact in 2018.

Spain is the third country on the list:

Based on Host Income and Estimated Guest Spending- in USD during trip

  1. USA: 33.8 billion
  2. France: 10.8 billion
  3. Spain: 6.9 billion
  4. Italy: 6.4 billion
  5. UK: 5.6 billion
  6. Australia: 4.4 billion
  7. Canada 4.3 billion
  8. Japan: 3.5 billion
  9. Mexico: 2.7 billion
  10. Portugal: 2.3 billion

As the Airbnb states:

As our community continues to grow, we are generating substantial economic benefits for hosts and communities. According to new survey findings and an analysis of internal data released today, Airbnb’s host and guest community generated over $100 billion in estimated direct economic impact across 30 countries in 2018 alone*.


Of course tourists add a lot of economic activity to the Spanish Economy:

According to an Airbnb survey of more than 228,000 around the world:

  • 84 percent of Airbnb hosts say they recommend restaurants and cafes to guests.
  • 69 percent of Airbnb hosts say they recommend cultural activities such as museums, festivals, and historical sites to guests.
  • 51 percent of Airbnb hosts say hosting has helped them afford their homes.
  • On average, Airbnb guests say 42 percent of their spending occurs in the neighborhood where they stay.
  • 50 percent of guests say they spent the money they saved by staying on Airbnb in the cities and neighborhoods they visited.
  • 70 percent of guests say wanting to explore a specific neighborhood matters in their decision to use Airbnb.
  • 86 percent of guests say the location being more convenient than hotels matters in their decision to use Airbnb.
  • Guests who say Airbnb impacted the length of their stay on average added 4.3 days to their trip.

According to a research from Caixabank, tourism accounts for 16% of the Spanish Economy in 2017.



Spain is the top tourist destination in Europe

Spain is the top tourist destination in Europe with more than 20% of the nights spent by tourists in Europe. See the 12th reason for buying a property in Spain.

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Spain is the world’s most attractive country for Tourism

According to the World Economic Forum, Spain is the most attractive country for tourism in the world.

Spain attains the 1st place globally in the global T&T competitiveness index for the second time. Spain’s success can be attributed to its unique offer of both cultural (2nd) and natural (9th) resources, combined with sound tourism service infrastructure (2nd), air transport connectivity (9th) and strong policy support (5th). Spain’s T&T sector has benefited from the recent ease of its fiscal policy, and by the redirected tourism from Middle East and parts of Western Europe, affected by security concerns. These developments, however, do not take anything away from Spain’s ability to provide an excellent environment for the T&T sector to flourish. The challenge now is to continue to find ways to improve, given the sector’s maturity. While Spain’s ground transportation is ranked in the top 15 economies, it has started to show signs of initial decline, suggesting that upgrades and modernization are expected. In addition, the business environment (75th) can be improved, as dealing with construction permits remains burdensome (104th), and there is room to increase international openness further (43rd, down two places).


What are the World Economic Forum criteria?

Of course, you will find many of those criteria in our Costas articles “Everything you should know to enjoy the Spanish Costas



All the ratings have a score between 1 and 7 with, 1 the lowest, 7 the highest score and each criteria has its rank out of 136 countries.

Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index for Spain

  • 5.4 rating
  • 1st rank
  • 0.00% from best


1. Enabling environment 5.5 rating 30 rank 12.30% from best

  • Business environment 4.4 rating 75 rank 28.72% from best
  • Safety and security 6.2 rating 18 rank 7.39% from best
  • Health and hygiene 6.3 rating 24 rank 8.52% from best
  • Human resources and labour market 4.9 rating 34 rank 14.19% from best
  • ICT readiness 5.5 rating 29 rank 14.99% from best

2. T&T policy and enabling conditions 4.8 rating 7 rank 5.92% from best

  • Prioritization of Travel & Tourism 5.9 rating 5 rank 4.36% from best
  • International Openness 3.9 rating 43 rank 24.13% from best
  • Price competitiveness 4.5 rating 98 rank 32.07% from best
  • Environmental sustainability 4.6 rating 31 rank 20.19% from best

3. Infrastructure 5.6 rating 4 rank 1.65% from best

  • Air transport infrastructure 5.0 rating 9 rank 26.10% from best
  • Ground and port infrastructure 5.2 rating 15 rank 18.91% from best
  • Tourist service infrastructure 6.7 rating 2 rank 0.11% from best



4. Natural and cultural resources 5.9 rating 3 rank 3.56% from best

  • Natural resources 4.9 rating 9 rank 19.82% from best
  • Cultural resources and business travel 6.9 rating 2 rank
5. Number of World Heritage cultural sites number of sites 41 2 rank 12.77% from best
6. Oral and intangible cultural heritage number of expressions 16 4 rank 58.97% from best
7. Sports stadiums number of large stadiums 36.0 14 rank 90.19% from best
8. Number of international association meetings 3-year average 571.7 4 rank 38.26% from best
9. Cultural and entertainment tourism digital demand 0–100 (best) 83 rating 2 rank 9.39% from best

Download the travel and tourism competitiveness pdf profile of Spain from the World Economic Forum


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Source: Airbnb direct economic impact 2018


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