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What are the biggest airports in Spain? – March 2018

10 May
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What are the biggest airports in Spain in 2018?


The Aena, the company managing all the airports in Spain,  just released its quarterly report analysing the airport passenger activity to any airport in Spain.

During the first quarter of 2018, 49.9m passengers went through Spanish airports, a 9.7% growth vs the year before.


What are the top 10 airports in Spain – first quarter of 2018?


  1.  Madrid-Barajas is the biggest airport in Spain with more than 12m passengers transported during the first quarter of 2018
  2. Barcelona – El Prat airport had nearly 10m passengers transported
  3. Gran Canaria airport 3.5m passengers
  4. Malaga airport 3.1m passengers
  5. Tenerife South airport 2.9m passengers
  6. Palma airport 2.7m passengers
  7. Alicante airport 2.4m passengers
  8. Lanzarote airport 1.7m passengers
  9. Valencia airport 1.5m passengers
  10. Fuerteventura airport 1.5m passengers


What are the six Spanish airports with the biggest growth during the first quarter of 2018?

  1. Granada-Jaen airport had a 31% growth with 242.038 passengers transported during the first quarter
  2. Seville airport had a 30% growth with 1,388,594 passengers transported
  3. Santander airport had a 30% growth with 206,924 passengers transported
  4. Valencia airport had a 28% growth with 1,533,639 passengers transported
  5. Ibiza airport had a 25% growth with 605,275 passengers transported
  6. Tenerife North airport had a 21% growth with 1,167,136 passengers transported


We noted that Valencia was very active for real estate investors since mid-2017. It looks like those statistics concur with our analysis.


Remember our paper on what are the top 10 Spanish cities where foreigners buy property?

The top 5 Spanish Cities for purchases by foreigners are

  1. Alicante with #18.847 transactions (23% of transactions by foreigners)
  2. Malaga with #10.761 transactions (13% of transactions by foreigners)
  3. Barcelona  #7.332 transactions (9% of transactions by foreigners)
  4. Madrid #6.301 transactions (8% of transactions by foreigners)
  5. The Balears #5.910 transactions (7% of transactions by foreigners)


Apart from Alicante at the first place, all the other cities are in the top 5 for the airport ranking.


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Enjoy your holidays in Spain.

Source: Aena


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