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Alicante: the Spanish pearl

03 Apr
Alicante's breathtaking rocky cliff offers awe-inspiring views of the Spanish pearl and its azure waters.
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Enjoying the best of Mediterranean climate, Alicante is the preferred place for foreigners interested in buying properties in Spain.

Its proximity to the sea and other vacation resorts, and the fact that prices are lower than other provinces in Spain makes this city an exceptional place for those who are looking to buy in the Mediterranean country.


Where are the buyers coming from?

According to Manuel de Elías from Housealicante, “the house buyers come from the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Sweden. It is also good to point that Belgian nationals are on the rise”.

Among those buyers, British represent the 30% of the market. Most of them are pensioners looking for the sun and a quiet life next to the sea. Some of them establish Alicante as their first residence, while others still have their permanent residence in the UK but spend long seasons in the city enjoying the warm climate.

But British being on the top of buyers may change, “we still have to see how the situation will be at the end of Brexit and the disconnection between the United Kingdom and the European Union will be a reality” as points Manuel de Elías.

Which are the best areas to live in the city?

The price per square meter is around 1.600€ in Alicante, a way cheaper than Barcelona or Madrid. Although it is not as big as these two cities or Malaga, it has a bit more than 300.000 inhabitants, the city has different areas according to what you are looking for.

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Comparison of the real estate prices in Alicante and in Spain



If you are looking for a quiet place next to the sea, La Albufereta is your option. It has amazing views to the Mediterranean and still has the atmosphere of a fishing village. The centre is just five minutes walking away.

For those who want to have the beach behind their door, Casco Antiguo-Santa Cruz is their choice. This quiet neighbourhood offers a wide variety of restaurants to enjoy the Spanish cuisine, but if you are of the cooking at home kind, there are also lots of shops that offer fresh food.

The neighbourhood San Juan Playa is a place for those looking to be away from the boost of the centre. In recent years, it has developed and now we can find there all the basic facilities like supermarkets, hospitals and other shops. The centre is easy to reach by public transportation or biking.

If you are looking for a residential quiet area, the neighbourhood El Pau 1 is the best option. It has also developed in the recent years and nowadays all kind of shops and facilities can be found there.

Also, Diputación-Ensanche is a good place to be for those looking for modern apartments not far from the beach with shops, restaurants and other facilities around.

Have a look at our infographic for city trip ideas, if you really want to buy, get our advice: first try it on holidays.

Alicante Citytrip ePostcard

How to reach Alicante?

The capital of La Costa Blanca can be reached by plane, train and boat. The airport is the 6th biggest of Spain and has connections to main cities in Spain and Europe. The high-speed train also arrives at the city making easy to reach other big cities of the country, like Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. We can also reach Alicante by sea. It has ferry connections with the Balearic Islands and main harbour cities in the Mediterranean (North Africa and Southern Europe).

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