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Madrid on the top 3 list of European Cities to invest in

31 Mar
Madrid's city street showcases tall buildings and a prominent clock tower; one of the top 3 European cities to invest in.
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Madrid is the third most attractive city in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) to invest in real estate.

At least this is clear from the survey “Global Investors Intentions 2017” conducted among 2,000 international investors by CBRE, the first international consulting and real estate services company.

According to Paloma Relinque, Director of Investment CBRE Spain Madrid is an attractive city for international investors because of several factors:

  • Prices are still below that of other markets
  • in recent years interesting rehabilitation and development projects have begun
  • forecast of income growth

According to the study, London leads the list of the most attractive cities to invest in real estate, chosen by 17% of investors, followed by Berlin (15.8%) and Madrid (8.4%). They complete the top five posts Amsterdam and Paris.

To have an access to the report, register here or you can check the official press release in Spanish here.