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Our top 10 advices for buying your property in Spain

15 Sep
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Our best tips for buying your property in Spain


1. What are your motivations for purchasing?


  • Is it a second home?
  • Is it an investment?

– Our tip: Pleasure or Yield? Not the same choices 😉


2. What location are you looking for?


Proximity from an airport? Centre of the City? Countryside? A Particular City? A particular neighbourhood?

– Our tip: Every city, every neighbourhood is different, find yours!


3. What are the criteria for the property?


Near the sea? The number of rooms, surface, … You have to know that the Spanish market is different from your local market!

– Our tip: Think about resale? Could a local buy this property?


4. Market research


Neighbourhoods? Price? What is the most common property on the market?

– Our tip: The easiest apartment to sell in general is 80 m2, 2 bedrooms.


5. Partners on the ground: Lawyers, Tax advisors, Property hunters, Architects


– Our tip: Do not take your real estate agent’s lawyer. Need a lawyer? Check our independent partners on the ground speaking your language.


6. Read our site: we give you a lot of very interesting information.


– Our tip: Subscribe to our newsletter!


7. Understand the investment in a Spanish property!


– Our tip: Have a look at crowdfunding: it can be a good first step starting at 100€. Learn while earning money.


8. Before buying


– Our tip: Take holidays where you want to buy to check if you like it or not. (Less necessary if it is an investment).Browse through the different neighbourhoods. Enjoy the restaurants,…

– Our tip: Get the assistance of local expert BEFORE even having found the property: Local lawyers who speak your language, architects, property Hunters, … ASK US

– Our tip: Are you certain to buy? Take the steps to get your NIE for you and your spouse (children?). Anyone on the notary deed must have one. Read our article on this subject.

– Our tip: Pay attention to money transfers: Choose a good financial intermediary

– Our tip: If you buy as an investment:

– Think about a mortgage and do it at the same time as the purchase of the property for tax purpose

– Consider creating a company

– Read our paper on how to apply for a mortgage in Spain.

– Our tip: Think about your estate-planning


9. You are actively searching


– Our tip: Do not rely solely on your real estate agent, find a neutral lawyer, ask us, if you need a good one.

– Our tip: Check the property and its neighbourhood at different times of day

– Our tip: Check property compliance with your lawyer

– Our tip: Check the different acts of the condominium meetings


Get advice for your investment with strong local partners!


We wrote a few interesting papers for further reading:

Now you know, let’s pick your place!

Looking for a real estate lawyer in Spain? Follow the link and get one of our local lawyer.

Looking for another real estate expert in Spain: Mortgage, Insurance, Survey of property, Property hunting, …? Ask us directly one of our 100+ local partner!








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