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Who are the foreigners living in Spain in 2018?

04 Jun
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Who are the foreigners living in Spain in 2018?

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What is the current population of Spain in 2018?

As of June 2017, 51.2m people live in Spain: 22.8m are Spanish men and 23.7m are Spanish women. Spain has 4.7m registered foreigners living in Spain as of January 2018. Let’s have a look at the different origins of the communities living in Spain: of course, we will find the usual suspects: Europe and Africa due to the long history they have with Spain and due to the proximity of those regions. Of course, South America is on the list as well as Spain share a long history and the language with many of those countries.

If you intend to live in Spain, remember you may need a Visa or if you want to buy a property, you will need a NIE number, even if you are European. Have a quick look at our articles on that:


Who are the foreigners living in Spain, from which region of the world do they come?

  1. Europe 2.1m people
    1. European Union, 1.8m people
    2. Europe (outside Union) 0.3m people
  2. Africa, 1.1m people
  3.  America, 1.2m people
    1. South America, 0.8m people
    2. Central America & Caribbean, 0.3m people
    3. North America, 0.1m people
  4. Asia, 0.4m people


Have a look at our infographic with the different regions of the world

Who are the Europeans living in Spain in 2018?

  1. Romania has the biggest community with 0.7m citizens
  2. England and Italy have 0.2m citizens each
  3. Bulgaria, Germany, Ukraine, France Portugal, Russia are the next countries with 0.1m citizens each
  4. Poland, Netherlands and Belgium follow


Who are the Africans living in Spain in 2018?

  1. Morocco has the biggest community with 0.8m citizens
  2. Senegal and Algeria follow with under 0.1m citizens each
  3. Nigeria has less than 0.05m citizens


Who are the Americans living in Spain in 2018?

  1. Colombia has the biggest community with 0.2m people
  2. Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil, Paraguay, Honduras, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Peru follow with under 0.1m citizens each
  3. Cuba and the United States of America have less than 0.05m citizens


Who are the Asians and other nations living in Spain in 2018?

  1. China has the biggest community with 0.2m citizens
  2. Pakistan has a community of 0.1m citizens


Have a look at our infographic with the different nationalities living in Spain, close to 120 countries!

What are the top 5 Spanish Cities for real estate purchases by foreigners in 2018?

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The top 5 Spanish Cities are (up to June 2017)

  1. Alicante with #18.847 transactions (23% of transactions by foreigners)
  2. Malaga with #10.761 transactions (13% of transactions by foreigners)
  3. Barcelona  #7.332 transactions (9% of transactions by foreigners)
  4. Madrid #6.301 transactions (8% of transactions by foreigners)
  5. The Balears #5.910 transactions (7% of transactions by foreigners)

Apart from Alicante at the first place, all the other cities are in the top 5 for the airport ranking.


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Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística


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