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How many new build properties could you find in Spain?

14 Aug

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How many new build properties could you find in Spain?


The “Instituto Nacional de Estadistica”, just released the number of unsold new homes in Spain: it is 492.000 at the end of 2016, vs 514.000 at end 2015.

That is a 4.3% decrease vs a 4.1% decrease the year before.


 Have a look at the evolution of Unsold New Homes in Spain since 2005


 In which Spanish regions will you find the most Unsold New Homes in 2016?

Have a look at our chart: the Valencian Community, Catalonia and Andalusia are the 3 biggest regions and represent 50% of the new build properties!


You will find those two charts with many others always up to date in our “Must see chart page“.


Where are the regions with the most percentage of Newbuild homes vs the total homes for sale?

  • Alicante 8,6%
  • Madrid  8,5%
  • Barcelona 8,1%
  • Castellón5,3%
  • Valencia 4,9%
  • Murcia 4,7%
  • Toledo 4,5%
  • Almería 4%


Which regions have the most Newbuild homes on the market vs the total number of existing homes?

  • Castellón 6,2%
  • Toledo 5,2%
  • Almería 4,9%
  • Rioja 4,6%
  • Ciudad Real 4,2%
  • Lleida 4%
  • Alicante 3,3%
  • Murcia 2,9%
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2,9%
  • Girona 2,9%
  • Teruel 2,7%


Have a look at the full report in Spanish from the Instituto Nacional de Estadística.


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