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19 Oct

Where are the new build properties in Spain?

Unsold new build homes for sale in Spain 2019.

  Click on any flag to get an automatic translation from Google translate. Some news could have an original translation here: News Nouvelles Nieuws Noticias Nachrichten :   Discover the new build properties available from trusted developers in our network and buy them at zero extra cost. How many new

14 Jul

23% more Spanish property transactions in May 2017

Yellow building, balconies, Valencia real estate.

Translate this page: A yearly growth rate of 23% for Spanish property transactions The”Instituto Nacional de Estadistica” just released the last number of transactions for the month of May 2017: 44 782 properties were sold. Compared to May 2016, it is an annual increase of 23%. This is by far

22 May

Sareb launches a new “Casas de estreno” campaign with 3716 properties on the market

Sareb's new campaign showcases estreno houses.

Translate this page: Sareb launches a new edition of its “Casas de Estreno” campaign and put 3716 properties on the market The campaign data are the following: They will sell 3716 It will last 3 months Properties are: Apartments & single-family homes It is spread over 16 autonomous communities: Andalusia,

06 May

Spanish Government will help young people for buying real estate

Valencia's bustling urban scene showcases diverse real estate options along its vibrant streets.

Translate this page: Spanish Government will help young people for buying real estate from 2018 The Minister of Development, Íñigo de la Serna, has announced a new aid package for young people under 35 years who want to access a home starting 2018. Here are the details on the project pending