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02 Aug

Summer Edition: Where will you find the top Beaches in Spain?

A top Spanish beach with clear water and a mountain in the background.

Click on any flag to get an automatic translation from Google translate. Some news could have an original translation here: News Nouvelles Nieuws Noticias Nachrichten   Spain has about 8,000 kilometres of coastline and 3,000 listed beaches, only Italy has a longer coastline in Europe! It’s not a surprise: Spain

16 Dec

2017 Review: Find out the most loved Spanish Cities

We analyze the top 20 Spanish real estate markets in our newsletter subscription confirmation.

Automatic translation from Google translate: We did this ranking according to the number of times our readers read those during 2017 (year of publication). Find out the most loved Spanish Cities of our readers in 2017 Barcelona real estate market is rising in 2017 Real estate foreign investors are discovering

24 Apr

Mallorca, a paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean

Boats are docked in a Mallorca paradise surrounded by blue Mediterranean water and trees.

Translate this page: Mallorca, a paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean   According to the British newspaper “The Times”, Mallorca is the first on the list of the best places for travelling and living. Its quality of life, weather and easy going people makes this Mediterranean island a dream