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Your ultimate social media scheduler tools from AI content creation to scheduling

04 Apr
Social media scheduler tools
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Ocoya is the perfect social media scheduler tool

It is designed to assist businesses with their social media automation needs from content creation to social media management.


Yes, it is a challenge to create content and manage your multiple social media channels in today’s marketing landscape. Tracking performance, and optimizing campaigns. Introduce Ocoya as a comprehensive digital software tool that simplifies and streamlines marketing efforts. Ocoya‘s library of templates ready to use is massive and it has access to a library of images such as Unsplash and Pixabay. Editing your images will be done in a second while the quality of your work will be top-notch. Already using Canva? No worries, you have access to the free or paid accounts. You’ll love the social media scheduler tools of Ocoya!


Here are the unique features we loved about Ocoya from day one.

  • its ability to manage and analyze data from various social media channels,
  • customizable reports,
  • real-time performance tracking,
  • Thousands of ready-to-use templates to share your messages on social media
  • Access to free image libraries with millions of pictures integrated
  • Integration of Canva (if you already use it and don’t want to switch or if you want to use your old creations)
  • Hashtags creation is automated

so, yes,

Ocoya is a competitor of Canva with very impressive tools available from the start, we couldn’t find a must-have feature missing. And no need to pay extra to remove the background or add nice icons.

Ocoya is a competitor of Hootsuite and Buffer but is much cheaper

and yes

Ocoya is a competitor of all the main AI tools to create images and content for all your social media and advertising campaigns.


You got it: Ocoya is a 3 in 1 tool…. for 10% of the price of one of those three :-).



These features will help you to save time and resources while improving the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns.  We loved the ability to share the workspaces between your employees and with an external agency or content creator allowing you to validate different projects within a defined workspace.


Ocoya will help you to achieve your marketing goals and increase your revenue. Your return on investment will surely be increased massively thanks to Ocoya’s features and it will give your businesses a competitive edge. Paint a picture of the success that could be achieved by integrating Ocoya into their marketing strategy.


Don’t wait to ask us for a free trial, demo, or consultation to help them explore Ocoya’s features and benefits.  You can either subscribe directly from Ocoya and benefit from our 20% rebate thanks to our partnership with them. Or ask us for a personalized quote and use our agency accounts pricing (as long as we have enough capacity) at least 35% discount. Don’t wait, our capacity is limited, and the first customer in will be the first served.


Reap the benefits of this state-of-the-art social media software: take your content creation and social media channel scheduling to the next level.


social media scheduler tools

Ocoya, the social media scheduler tool



Discover a smarter way to create, share and schedule your content on your social media channels

LaptopImages / GIFS: Easily design eye-popping images surrounding your product or service. Use our editor or Canva to personalise your graphics.

VideosVideos: Generate short-form videos that will drive your engagement through the roof. Pick from thousands of our royalty-free videos.

MusicMusic: Choose from thousands of licensed tracks to add to your videos. Using our music maker select the right audio to complement your design.

EcommerceE-commerce: Promote your products in as little as a few minutes. See all your products in one place. Easily generate eye-popping graphics and captions.

HashtagsHashtags: Our AI analyses your image to generate the most relevant hashtags that are trending to gain you optimum traction.

CaptionsCaptions: Captions are also personalised to your image. Generate captions to sell your product or service.

CalendarScheduling: Don’t want to post right now? Ocoya will suggest posting times optimal for maximising your traction.

AnalyticsAnalytics: Look at the advanced KPIs important for marketers formulated by Ocoya. We’ll also provide you with suggestions to optimise.

SocialsSocials: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Buffer, Hootsuite – we’ve partnered with them all. All your profiles are in one place.

AdsAd Campaigns: Launch Facebook and Tiktok ad campaigns seamlessly and plan your budget efficiently.

Link shortenerLink Shortener: Use Jubb.ly – our in-house link shortener to save space when posting links on your social channels.

Background removerBackground Remover: Remove any background from any image with 1 click. Works best with eCommerce products.




Why do we love it at Howtobuyinspain.com?

  • A quicker way to create your content
  • Huge library of templates and free images, top-notch quality
  • Possibility of plugging Canva, we loved to use its free tool. But yes, at some point you would love to have those nice icons, images, templates,… So we are migrating our content slowly.
  • AI content creation for our messages
  • Hashtags # creation by AI
  • Schedule your content on your social media channels automatically



Subscriptions’ plans for Ocoya

Unlock limitless learning with Ocoya Diamond plan!

Buy directly from Ocoya with our agency rebate of 20%

Benefit from our 20% discount rate as an agency customer with Ocoya

  • Bronze: for individuals with scheduling needs.
    • 5 social profiles, 1 member, 1 workspace
    • 100 AI credits
    • Price: $15 per month
    • Try Free →
  • Silver: for small teams building their brand.
    • 20 social profiles, 5 members, 5 workspace
    • 500 AI credits
    • Price: $39 per month
    • Copywriting in 28+ languages
    • Plugins
    • Try Free →
  • Gold: for bigger teams or freelancers.
    • 50 social profiles, 20 members, 20 workspace
    • 1,500 AI credits
    • Price: $79 per month
    • Everything from Silver
    • Try Free →
  • Diamond: for large teams or marketing agencies.
    • 150 social profiles, 50 members, Unlimited workspaces
    • Unlimited AI credits
    • Advanced analytics
    • Branded reports
    • terminal
    • REST API
    • Price: $159 per month
    • Everything from Gold
    • Try Free →


Benefit from our unbeatable Agency plans from €10 a month

The main benefit is to get access to the Diamond functions we have for our agency account with the pricing of a silver plan :-)/

Small corporation plan: diamond service at agency rate:

  • Diamond functions for 7 social profiles /4 team members / 1 workspace
    • with Unlimited AI credits (Diamond)
    • Advanced analytics (Diamond)
    • Branded reports (Diamond)
    • terminal (Diamond)
    • REST API (Diamond)
    • with Copywriting in 28+ languages (Silver)
    • Plugins (Silver)
    • Price: One yearly billing of €120 or 1.3€/per media channel/month (which is equivalent to gold pricing 🙂 )
    • Upgrade for more social profiles or team members or workspace is possible at any time.
    • Try Free →


Want more Social media channels, members and workspaces?

Running a big corporation or agency?

Here are our unbeatable agency rates (limited capacity, don’t wait too long):

Big corporations & agencies plan: diamond service at agency rate:

  • Diamond functions for 50 social profiles /32 team members / 8 workspaces
    • with Unlimited AI credits (Diamond)
    • Advanced analytics (Diamond)
    • Branded reports (Diamond)
    • terminal (Diamond)
    • REST API (Diamond)
    • with Copywriting in 28+ languages (Silver)
    • Plugins (Silver)
    • Price: One yearly billing of €300 or 0.5€/per media channel/month (which is equivalent to gold pricing 🙂 )
    • Upgrade for more social profiles or team members or workspace is possible at any time.
    • Try Free →

Ask us for an offer tailor-made to your needs


To recap, here are the advantages of our agency rates, that will fit small or big corporations

  • Test if you like the product with the free version and a dummy email (not the one you’ll want to have for your account with us)
  • The most competitive rates to benefit as an end customer or to invoice your customers as an agency
  • All the functions available in the diamond pack
  • Possibility to upgrade capacity during the year if needed
  • 1 yearly invoice at the best yearly rate (including Ocoya)


Don’t wait, it won’t last long.


Pros & Cons of Ocoya


  1. Feature-rich: The product offers a wide range of features that cater to users’ needs and preferences.
  2. User-friendly interface: The product has an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, making it accessible for users with varying levels of technical expertise.
  3. Responsive customer support: The company provides quick and helpful assistance in case users encounter any issues or have questions about the product.
  4. Affordable pricing: The product is competitively priced, offering good value for money.
  5. Positive reviews: The product has received a significant number of positive reviews from satisfied customers, indicating that it delivers on its promises.
  6. Offers a free version with many features.
  7. Provides thousands of templates ready to use.


  1. Learning curve: Some users may find the product challenging to learn and use initially.
  2. Limited customization: The product might not offer the level of customization that some users require for their specific needs.
  3. Performance issues: Some users might experience occasional lag or slow response times with the product.
  4. Compatibility: The product may not be compatible with all devices or operating systems, limiting its accessibility for some users.
  5. Limited documentation: Users might find that the available documentation and resources for the product are not comprehensive enough to cover all aspects of its functionality.


Alternatives to Ocoya

  1. Social pilot, we have agency rates too (but lack the creation tool and AI tools for optimization)
  2. Hootsuite (much more expensive)
  3. Buffer (much more expensive)


Ocoya is integrated with many platforms and tools!

What else do you need?

Easily integrate social media accounts, e-commerce shops or schedulers within Ocoya, so you can create ads, and posts and schedule them simultaneously.

Ocoya in-house tool: REST API, Use our in-house REST API to auto-generate visuals and text.

Facebook LogoOcoya is integrated with Facebook: Send your ads or posts directly out onto your Facebook Pages.
Instagram Logo Ocoya is integrated with Instagram: Post content directly onto Instagram Business profiles.
Twitter Logo Ocoya is integrated with Twitter: Come up with engaging and thought-provoking tweets that can also be split into threads.
LinkedIn Logo  Ocoya is integrated with LinkedIn: Generate business-related content for your LinkedIn Personal or LinkedIn Company pages.
Shopify Logo  Ocoya is integrated with Shopify: Connect any store to select products you want to post about.
WooCommerce LogoOcoya is integrated with WooCommerce: Connect your personal store to select products you want to post about.
Canva Logo  Ocoya is integrated with Canva: Create beautiful designs with templates using your Free or Paid Canva account.
GMB LogoOcoya is integrated with Google Business Profile: Create engaging posts to showcase your business on Google Maps and search results.
TikTok LogoOcoya is integrated with Tiktok, Create short, entertaining videos with trending music and hashtags to reach a younger demographic.
Pinterest LogoOcoya is integrated with Pinterest, Pin and organize content from your website or other sources onto boards to inspire and engage your audience.
YouTube Logo  Ocoya is integrated with YouTube, Create and upload engaging video content that showcases your brand, product, or service.
Ocoya is integrated with Etsy, Connect your Etsy store to select products you want to post about on social media.
Ocoya is integrated with BigCommerce, Connect your BigCommerce store to select products you want to post about on social media.
Ocoya is integrated with Ecwid, Connect your Ecwid store to select products you want to post about on social media.
Ocoya is integrated with Wix Commerce, Connect your Wix Commerce store to select products you want to post about on social media.
Ocoya is integrated with Zapier, Automate your marketing by integrating with Zapier and connecting with over 5,000+ apps.
Ocoya is integrated with Airtable, Organize your social content and schedule posts using Airtable’s customizable spreadsheets and templates.
Ocoya is integrated with Make, Create and share engaging visual content for your social media channels using Make’s design tool and templates.
Ocoya is integrated with Adobe Express, Create stunning visual content with Adobe’s design software and integrate directly with your social media channels.
Ocoya is integrated with Figma, Collaborate with your team to design and create social media graphics and visuals with Figma’s design tool.
Ocoya is integrated with Unsplash, Discover and use high-quality, free images for your social media posts with Unsplash’s vast library of photography.
Ocoya is integrated with Giphy, Create and share GIFs on your social media channels to add some fun and personality to your posts on!
Ocoya is integrated with Pexels, Find and use high-quality, free stock photos and videos for your social media posts with Pexels’ library.
Ocoya is integrated with Pixabay, Discover and use free stock photos, illustrations, and vectors for your social media posts with Pixabay’s library.
Ocoya is integrated with Dropbox, Store and share your social media content with Dropbox’s cloud storage and collaboration tools.
Ocoya is integrated with Google Drive, Store and share your social media content with Google Drive’s cloud storage and collaboration tools.
Ocoya is integrated with Box, Store and share your social media content with Box’s cloud storage and collaboration tools.
Ocoya is integrated with Slack, Collaborate with your team and share social media content seamlessly with Slack’s messaging and collaboration platform.
Ocoya is integrated with WhatsApp, Connect with your audience through private and secure messaging via your WhatsApp account with Ocoya.
Ocoya is integrated with Telegram, Create engaging content and share it with your audience through private messaging via your Telegram account.
Ocoya is integrated with Snapchat, Create visually appealing content to engage your younger demographic audience on Snapchat.


Thank you Ocoya for taking care of all those social media tasks in one tool:

  • Social media management
  • Content scheduling
  • Post Automation
  • Social media analytics
  • AI content generation
  • AI image creation
  • Graphic design
  • Social media templates
  • Multi-platform integration
  • Social media reporting
  • Hashtag research
  • Social media collaboration


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