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11 Nov

Spain GDP growth confirmed way above EU for 2017 & 2018

Automatic translation from Google translate:   Spain GDP growth confirmed way above EU for 2017 and 2018 by the European Commission Before investing anywhere, it’s always good to check the Economy and the macroeconomic data of the country. There is a good news: the economic expectations of Spain are revised

07 Sep

Top Spanish cities for foreigners to work

Translate this page:   You need some sun and yes work? Have a look at our top Spanish cities for foreigners to work Spain is a popular destination for expats. After the recession, unemployment in Spain rose significantly. But now, Spain’s economy is the fastest-growing in Europe, check our “Must

01 Jun

@Vueling summer promotion: 1.000.000 tickets at 24.99€

Translate this page: You now have 1,000,000 seats from 24.99* with the Vueling Summer promotion Purchase between 30th May and 2nd June to fly between 12th June and 26th October 2017. This promotion will close on the 2nd of June midnight! Before booking, you want to check the temperature of

26 Apr

250 000 fast train tickets at 25€, Happy 25 Years of Fast Train -AVE- in Spain

Translate this page: On the 21st of April of 1992, the fast train was born in Spain   The first route to be open in Spain was the Madrid to Seville route with 471 Km. Since 1992, the network expanded to more than 3000 km and more than 11 different

23 Feb

Life Expectancy in 2030 in Spain

LifeExpectancy2030 wins for 35 countries

Translate this page: +5 years for women and +3 years for men We read the interesting paper “Future life expectancy in 35 industrialised countries: projections with a Bayesian model ensemble” from Vasilis Kontis, PhD†, James E Bennett, PhD†, Colin D Mathers, PhD, Guangquan Li, PhD, Kyle Foreman, PhD  and  Prof Majid Ezzati,