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24 Apr

What is the best European real estate market in 2023? 1 year? 10 year?

Best European real estate market in 2023 house price index.

Click on any flag to get an automatic translation from Google Translate. Some news could have an original translation here: News Nouvelles Nieuws Noticias Nachrichten What is the best real estate market in Europe up to December 2022?   What is the performance of Spanish real estate?   We did

27 Jan

What are the most favourite tourist destinations in Europe?

Biggest tourist Destinations in M nights spent 2014

Translate this page: Spain is by far the leader with 20% of market share!   In 2014, 1,2 Bn nights were spent by tourists in Europe according to Eurostat. The Top three destinations are Spain with 21,5% of the nights, Italy with 15,5% of the nights and France with 10,8%.