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Top Spanish cities for foreigners to work

07 Sep

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You need some sun and yes work?

Have a look at our top Spanish cities for foreigners to work

Spain is a popular destination for expats. After the recession, unemployment in Spain rose significantly.

But now, Spain’s economy is the fastest-growing in Europe, check our “Must see charts” on this and compare the Spanish GDP growth rate expected for 2017 and 2018 vs all the other European countries.

Most wanted fields are teaching and IT.

So we listed the best cities for foreigners: Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia… but as well the Andalucian Region.


  • Most popular city for expats
  • Home to many communities
  • Late night clubs attract young people and artists
  • Families come for the international schools

Check our article on Barcelona’s real estate market.



  • Appeals to both young and old
  • Big city life in the center, greenery, and room for families in the suburbs
  • The most expensive city to live in
  • Cultural attractions, tapas bars, exciting nightlife

Read our article on the real estate market in Madrid: “Madrid on the top 3 list in Europe to invest in”



  • Comfort of a big city without being a metropolis
  • Beaches and nightlife, affordable, yet peaceful lifestyle
  • Proximity to Alicante, offering more entertainment
  • Quickly growing population as more expats choose Valencia
  • Valencia is the third city in Spain in terms of population

Read our last paper on the real estate market in Valencia.


Andalusia Region

  • Expats flock to Seville and Granada, the biggest cities in the area
  • Mostly rural, the area has deep ties to Moorish and Roma cultures
  • Seville attracts older people due to being more conservative
  • Granada attracts the younger crowd
  • Peaceful lifestyle with a lot of hospitals, movie theaters, restaurants
  • Proximity to Costa del Sol for brief beach getaways


As you know, Spain is a place for startups, check the infographic we wrote on this:

Why starting up a company in Spain?


If you want to organize a city trip to Madrid Barcelona (or Alicante and Malaga), you will find a few ideas of the cultural wealth of those cities in our infographics.

Of course, the weather is important, although it’s sunny in most Spanish cities, you will be able to compare monthly weather statistics for all those Spanish cities here.

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